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If Carleton, Penrith is your home town, do write and tell us what makes it special and attractive to visitors and why they should book a stay there.

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It is always worth performing some investigations before your proposed trip to Carleton, Penrith. Make a note of what is happening on the dates you plan to be there - there may be a local performance that you might wish to see. Most holiday makers like to shop at the local markets, and perhaps enjoy meals out. Having tourist information about Carleton, Penrith at your fingertips means that you can get the most from your trip. Ask your hosts about the best walks and anything else you might need to know ?they have first-hand experience of living near Carleton, Penrith.

Visiting a new town is always interesting because there are different shops, new scenery and different things to look at. All the best for a good self-catering break in Carleton, Penrith, may the sun shine and pleasant memories.

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