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Looking to book a break in a secluded holiday cottage in the UK?  From private cabins to singular lodges and rural retreats, Country Cottages Online features a great selection of hidden gems and secluded self-catering holiday accommodation dotted throughout the UK.

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Popular Searches for Secluded Holiday Accommodation

Below we have set out some of the most popular ideas and searches for secluded holiday homes in the UK.   From cottages nestled by trees to cabins hidden by woodlands, and secluded huts by the beach, to pet-friendly secluded stays, hidden hot tub hideaways and singular lodges, find the best option where you can hide away.


Doggy friendly hideawaysDog-Friendly Secluded Stays in the UK

For a lot of UK holidaymakers, renting a secluded holiday home absolutely has to be dogs welcome so your pet pooch (a key family member) can enjoy a trip away too.  Most secluded cottage retreats  welcome dogs, so from hidden cabins to isolated barns and private lodges, we have a great choice of pet-friendly rentals to choose from.

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Secluded hot tub lodgeHot Tub Hideaways throughout the UK

Another popular choice for secluded getaways are hot tub cottages and lodges where you can hide away on a relaxing break.  Although even in built-up areas, most hot tubs are screened nowadays for privacy, there’s still something comforting about renting a holiday home where you can enjoy seclusion and privacy particularly when you want to enjoy long soaks in a warm bubbly hot tub, far from prying eyes.

Secluded Hot Tub Cottages


Secluded holiday lodgeSecluded UK Lodges

Ever popular for their special holiday feel, lodges often are on lodge parks where privacy can be hard to come by.  Thankfully though, Britain is also home to a number of isolated and private lodges where you can enjoy seclusion, peace and tranquillity on a lodge break, and we can help you find your slice of paradise.

Secluded Holiday Lodges


What makes Cottages Offering Seclusion and Privacy so Special

A little seclusion, peace, tranquillity and escape can be good for the soul.  Whether you want to relax in a private garden with just the sound of birdsong and not be overlooked, staying in a secluded secret cottage can be a real joy.  For some, staying in a holiday home that feels really private can help make you feel more secure on holiday and can help you relax and unwind.

Secluded stays are usually in truly appealing settings too, screened by greenery and nestled in the countryside, isolated amongst the trees or alone overlooking a lake or the coast.  These retreats are perfect for guests who want to hide away for a while, far from prying eyes.




Best Places for Secluded Holiday Cottages

When it comes to finding secluded locations to holiday in within the UK, there are lots of possibilities.  Secluded holiday homes aren’t always in remote, isolated or wild locations, cottage hideaways can be found in National Parks such as the Lake District and Peak District, forests, amongst farmlands, moorlands and in Britain’s stunning Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as by the coast.  Although secluded retreats usually have no near neighbours, these private holiday cottages can sometimes be found in villages or towns, hidden behind walled gardens or shrouded in greenery, offering privacy in unexpected locations. It's recommended that you get in touch with the relevant owner or agency who has the cottage hideaway that best appeals to you before booking to ensure that you choose an ideal location for a relaxing break.
Wherever you choose to hide away on a secluded cottage break, we hope you find the perfect private tranquil retreat for you.

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