Historic cottages for self-catering holidays

Searching for an inspiring historical holiday cottage?  From Grade I listed properties to Grade II listed and character properties, including houses that back to the Victorian and Georgian periods, Country Cottages Online features a great selection of historical cottages.

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Grade I Listed Properties

Grade I Listed Holiday Homes

Recognised for being of exceptional historical interest, Grade I listed properties are special and rare.  If you would like to stay in a historical building where every effort has been made to preserve and care for the property then a stay in a Grade I listed holiday cottage could be the perfect choice for you.

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Grade II Listed Holiday Cottages

Grade II Listed Holiday HouseAs properties of special historical or architectural significance, Grade II listed holiday homes are special and characterful properties.  If you love the charm of historical properties, booking a stay in a Grade II listed holiday home could be ideal.

Grade II Listed Holiday Cottages


Historic Holiday Cottages with Character Features

Character CottagesCharacter cottage

Whatever type of historical features you find appealing, whether exposed wooden beams or mullioned stone windows to take just two examples, find a holiday cottage with ample character and charm for your next break.

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Holiday Homes Dating Back to Certain Historical Periods


Victorian Holiday Homes

Victorian Holiday HouseUsually exuding style and elegance, it's easy to see why some many people love staying in Victorian buildings.

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Georgian Holiday Homes

Georgian Holiday HouseGeorgian architecture is renowned for its sense of symmetry and elegance, making a stay in a Georgian holiday home all the more special and memorable.

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Edwardian Holiday Houses

Edwardian Holiday HouseRent a holiday house that dates back to the Edwardian period and choose from properties built in the Arts and Crafts style, Baroque or Georgian style.

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Visitors from abroad are so much more aware of the depth and wealth of history in the UK that we Brits just take for granted.  To many people, it's a joy and privilege to be able to stay in a historic home that goes back two or three hundred years. Several of the cottages are Grade I or Grade II listed cottages, or in conservation areas.

If you like character features you may be particularly interested in historic cottages with exposed beams and properties with inglenook fireplaces.



You may also wish to explore self-catering cottages according to whether they are thatched cottages, 18th century cottages, or are old with character.