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We feature a great choice of coastal holiday cottages. Often holidaymakers want to be near the sea and stay in a cottage with easy access to the sea shore.

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Whether you enjoy having a paddle, walks along the beach or taking in beautiful coastal views, being near the sea adds to the enjoyment of a holiday. Staying in a coastal self catering cottage is the perfect option if you love to holiday by the sea.  Some self catering cottages even have sea views.

Some cottages are right on the coast, whereas others are near the coast. Check individual ads for details of the exact location of each self catering cottage. 

If it is important to you to stay in a self catering holiday cottage near the coast but for the property to be of a 5 star or luxury standard, you will need to find a luxury cottage.  Click for a listing of luxury coastal cottages throughout the UK.

Dog-friendly self-catering cottages near the seadog friendly coastal cottages

For many, when looking for a holiday cottage, it is also important to find a dog friendly cottage not too far away from a beach. As an island nation, the coast is never that far away and it's easily possible to drive to a fabulous holiday cottage where dogs are allowed to stay.

Pet friendly cottages near the sea can be wonderful for walking your dog and for enjoying those seaside walks.

Click for a listing of dog friendly cottages on or near the coast

Being by the sea on a country cottage holiday can be a special experience.  Cottages with sea views are particularly alluring.  Can anything quite compare to getting up in the morning, opening the curtains and feasting your eyes on vistas of the sea.  Being by the sea can be romantic and exciting.  There is something wild and untamed about the sea, which for some gives it a magical quality.  Whether you enjoy watching calm seas on holiday or adore watching waves crash against the surf, being by the sea on holiday can help create special memories.  Spending a cottage holiday on or near the coast can also be excellent for enjoying coastal walks or strolls along the beach.  Enjoy observing sea gulls gliding on the currents, build sandcastles, stroll hand in hand with someone you love and who knows may be spot some sea life too.

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