Take a coastal dog friendly holiday in Yorkshire

Yorkshire coast for pet-friendly holidays

dogs love Yorkshire coastal holidaysThe Yorkshire coast is a brilliant place for your family holiday, especially if you’re taking your four legged friends along with you. With hundreds of miles of beautiful sandy beaches, it is perfect for long relaxing walks that lead to you all falling asleep on the sofa.  Staying in a cottage with your pets has so many perks, stopping your dog having to go into kennels and ensuring that your family holiday is exactly that, a holiday for all the family.

Of course, there are numerous places along the Yorkshire coast that you can stay, depending on what you’re wanting from your holiday. You’re guaranteed beautiful scenery from them all, but everywhere has something unique to offer, so it’s all about choosing the right place for you. Some popular places to stay on the Yorkshire coast include Flamborough, Scarborough, Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay to name just a few, so there’s bound to be somewhere that will offer exactly what you and your family want.


What Are The Perks Of Staying On The Yorkshire Coast?

The perks of staying on the Yorkshire coast are obvious from just a quick image search – beautiful scenery and stunning cliffs draw holiday makers to this area all year round, especially in the summer. Whether you have a dog or not, the coast can’t help but take your breath away, but if you choose the Yorkshire coast to visit with your dog, you won’t be disappointed. Forget walks around a housing estate in the rain to let your dog do its business and start thinking about letting your four legged friend run wild and free over beaches, hills and cliffs as you take in your surroundings and enjoy that seaside air, it sounds a lot more appealing, doesn’t it?

There are large and small towns along the Yorkshire coastline that welcome holidaymakers with their dogs year on year. Everyone has their own personal list of things they plan to do on holiday, whether it is to eat fish and chips, walk on top of the cliffs, climb the one hundred and ninety nine steps in Whitby that lead to the abbey or go in search of Bram Stoker.

take the dogs down the 199 steps in WhitbyIf you want more to do on your holiday than just walking, the Yorkshire coast can offer this too. If history is your thing, there are numerous historical attractions throughout the Yorkshire coast including Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Gardens, Peasholm Park Island and Aldborough Roman Fort to name just a few. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, Aerial Extreme in Bedale or Another World Adventure Centre might be more up your street, or you can even check yourself in to Alexandra House Holistic Health and Wellbeing Spa to truly pamper yourself. These are just a few of the hundreds of attractions that you can find on the Yorkshire Coast.

Why Should I Choose A Pet-friendly Holiday Cottage or Pine Lodge?

There’s no denying that staying in a holiday cottage or pine lodge is different to a hotel, but there is a certain sense of freedom that you can get from a cottage that you can’t get otherwise.  Besides that, how many hotels actually welcome guests with their dogs? It is not that easy to please everyone. With  self-catering, you don’t have to make sure that you’re around for any set times for meals and can really do whatever you want whenever you please and the main thing is that your dogs can relax and make themselves at home in your holiday accommodation. They won’t disturb other guests unless you book a cottage in a holiday park and excessive barking could bring complaints.

Pet-friendly coastal cottages in Yorkshire

Dog-friendly cottages are designed to cater for pets, recognising that they should be part of the family holidays. This means that these cottages often have utility rooms or cloak rooms, perfect for storing leads and food that you don’t want your dog to get to and hard, washable floors meaning that you don’t have to worry about ruining the place with muddy paw prints (or footprints for that matter!) The furniture tends to be more durable meaning that it can take your four legged friend bouncing all over it, and owners tend to be far more understanding that things with a dog can be a little bit messier and take this into consideration. There is sometimes an extra fee for a dog staying with you, to pay for an in-depth clean to remove any stray pet hair.  If you have a few dogs or a whole wolf pack, look for self-catering accommodation that does not impose a fee per dog and your holiday won’t cost any more either. 

Along with cottages being more spacious and roomier than alternatives such as holiday parks, it is highly likely that the cottage owners will have dogs themselves, meaning that they can recommend you all the local dog friendly places – pubs, walks or whatever else you might want. It really helps to give your holiday that extra personal touch that you definitely don’t get staying anywhere else. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to leave your dog in a strange environment while you go out all day, so if you are wanting to go out, say to the Alhambra Theatre to see a show, it may be worth talking to the cottage owners about local pet sitting services or they may even run that service themselves.

It’s hard to doubt that you and your dogs will love staying on the Yorkshire coast. Whether you’re going for the scenery and natural features or because of all the amazing things that Yorkshire can offer, there couldn’t be a better place for dog walking, relaxing and getting away from the daily grind. Find that perfect Yorkshire seaside cottage for a brilliant holiday soon.

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