Dogs allowed holiday cottages near a coastal path

Deciding to go on holiday near a coastal path is a brilliant choice. The UK boasts brilliant scenery and by staying near a coastal path, you, your family and your pets and able to enjoy all the natural landscapes that the United Kingdom has to offer, allowing you to get away from those tablets and computer screens and really get back in touch with nature and enjoy some amazing sea views. You may be fortunate enough to find a seaside holiday home that allows dogs to stay so that you and your dogs can have an adventure along the cliffs and shores of Britain.

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pet friendly holiday cottages near Britain's coastal paths

The UK’s Main Coastal Paths

Whether you’re a passionate hiker and want to stay by one of the many UK coastal paths to get in some cardio and enjoy the great outdoors or think that the coastal paths will be great fun for you, your family and your pets, you are bound to be able to find a coastal path near where you want to stay. Coastal paths, as you would expect, stretch around the coast of the UK, giving you absolutely breath taking views of cliffs and beaches that you definitely wouldn’t find abroad. If you’re unsure where you want to stay, some of the UK’s most popular coastal walks include Prawle Point in Devon, Stackpole in Wales and Burg on the Isle of Mull (just off Scotland) to name just a few. It is possible to walk along most of Britain's coast. The south west coastal path is famous in England, as is the unbroken path around Cardigan Bay in Wales. But, take any coastal region and there will be walks that take visitors over cliffs, around harbours and across beaches. Think of how your dogs would love this experience.

Staying near a coastal path is particularly handy if you’re wanting to take your dog away on holiday with you. These routes offer you a safe, guided path on which you can walk your dog, with stretches ranging from a mile to a good few miles depending on your ability. They are a brilliant way to burn off some of your dog’s energy while knowing that you are safe and extremely unlikely to encounter any hazards. Often, you don’t need to worry about traffic or uneven ground making them perfect for all the family, no matter the ability.

Why a Self-Catering Cottage Break?

a dog friendly holiday cottage on the coastIf you’re looking to take your pets away on holiday with you, self-catering is often the best option for this. You don’t have to worry about having to stay in a tiny cramped hotel room that is barely big enough for a family most of the time, let alone a pet too as cottages are far more spacious and they often have plenty of features to help make holidaying with your pet just that little bit more relaxing. As cottage owners who market their cottages as pet friendly often have pets themselves, they tend to have gone above and beyond when designing the cottage to make it suitable for families who want to bring their pets away with them. This may be small touches such as easy wipe floors and stair gates that you might not think make much of a difference – but try without them and you’ll soon realise their value – there’s no worrying about your dog ruining carpets or sneaking into bedrooms without your permission, and it’s the little touches like these that really help you to relax.

More often than not, these cottages come with gardens or secure, private outdoor space, meaning that despite having one of the UK'S amazing coastal paths on your doorstep, you don’t have to venture out to let your dog go to the toilet or have a little run around if you don’t want to. This is particularly helpful if it is raining (which, let’s be honest, it tends to be in the UK) as you can just open the door and let the dog out without having to trudge through puddles for a while first.

As pet friendly cottages tend to be self-catering, they allow you a lot more freedom than other types of accommodation. While it’s unlikely that a hotel would allow you to take your dog with you, if they did, you may be bound by strict mealtimes meaning that your holiday isn’t dictated completely by yourself. Cottages though, obviously have their own kitchen meaning that you can do what you want when you want – whether that’s plans that run over dinnertime or you simply want a midnight snack.

It was mentioned earlier that most pet friendly cottages are owned by local people who have pets themselves. This means that they are often able to recommend places nearby which allow you to take pets with you, such as pubs, restaurants and cafes. This can really give your holiday that touch of something extra, as it can be hard to leave your dog in a strange place while you go off and enjoy yourself. This type of local knowledge means that you don’t have to do that, ensuring that your family holiday really is for all the family.

A few suggested pet-friendly coastal breaks

There is a very pleasant coastal walk from the white cliffs of Dover to St. Margaret's Bay. The chalk can clearly be seen in the ground. There is parking and cafe's en-route. A stay in a coastal cottage in Kent can be very saisfying. Dover Castle is well worth a visit.

coastal dog friendly break near Dover Kent

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As you can see, staying in a pet friendly cottage has many advantages and may be the perfect option for your family holiday or romantic break. With so many coastal paths and so much to explore on your next holiday, the only difficulties will be choosing where to go and what coastal paths you want to walk!

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