Holiday Cottages with Leisure Facilities to rent

Searching for a holiday cottage to rent with leisure facilities on site?  From cottages with pools to holiday homes with hot tubs and saunas, find ideas and inspiration on holiday rentals with leisure facilities on Country Cottages Online. These sorts of rentals are perfect for those who enjoy keeping fit, relaxing and having fun on holiday.


What Type of Leisure Facilities are you looking for in a Holiday Home?

Leisure facilities are ideal for relaxing self-catering breaks.  Do you love to swim for leisure or relaxation or do you find the idea of lying back in the warm bubbly waters of a hot tub more appealing?  Or perhaps you love to sweat it out in a steam room?  Whatever appeals to you, Country Cottages Online have some great ideas for self-catering leisure breaks.


Choose from Holiday Homes with a Hot Tub, a Swimming Pool, a Sauna or even access to a Spa-Style Complex

Bubbly Hot Tub Holidays

Relaxing hot tubCottages with an inviting warm bubbly hot tub on site are a popular choice when it comes to relaxing self-catering holidays.  If privacy is important to you, look out for cottages with a private hot tub where your party can exclusively enjoy the facilities.  Hot tubs can be indoors or outdoors.  Another option are rentals with jacuzzi baths.  Some spa baths and hot tubs are sited in spectacular locations outside where you can lie back, relax and soak up countryside views.

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Holiday Rentals with use of a Swimming Pool

Luxury swimming poolAnother popular choice for relaxing holidays is renting a holiday cottage with a swimming pool.  If you’re searching for a more luxurious property for a big group you may find a holiday home with a private pool, whereas cottages on complexes are more likely to have access to shared leisure facilities.  In the UK the majority of swimming pools are housed indoors, but some holiday rentals do offer outdoor pools for use in summertime.  Whatever your preferences we hope you find the perfect cottage with a swimming pool for you.

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Cottage Rentals with a Sauna

Relaxing saunaDo you love to relax and unwind on holiday in a hot sauna?  Saunas with their warming heat and comforting pine smell can be great to enjoy on holiday.  If you enjoy this sort of leisure facility when away, why not rent a holiday home with a sauna for a truly relaxing break?

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Towel for steam room

Rentals with a Steam Room for Relaxing Breaks

Do you love to relax and unwind on a holiday?  Some people love a sauna, others a hot tub and others still love a steam room, to help them feel rejuvenated and relaxed.  If you love to inhale hot steam to clear your airways and give you a sense of wellbeing, then your dream for a relaxing break may be to rent a holiday home with access to a steam room on site?

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Holiday Homes with a Spa-Style Leisure Complex

For a truly relaxing pampered self-catering break perhaps you like the idea of renting a holiday home with access to a spa-style leisure complex?  Holiday homes with these luxurious extras tend to be high quality, luxurious and with a price tag to match.  Some larger more luxurious holiday homes have access to private spa-style leisure facilities but it’s more common to find holiday homes with shared access to these sorts of facilities.  Whatever type of holiday rental you’re searching for, we hope you find the perfect holiday cottage with access to spa style leisure facilities on Country Cottages Online.

Whatever leisure facilities you want on your cottage break, we hope you find the perfect rental for your relaxing break.

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