Walking holidays in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

walking holidaysWalking holidays can be in many forms, either independent with friends or as part of a club or organised group. We are extremely fortunate in Britain and Ireland to have not only miles of way-marked paths and trails for walkers through magnificent terrain and the climate to ensure a comfortable walk but also a large number of country cottages to rent in beautiful rural locations.

Places to Stay for Walkers throughout the UK






Walkers tend to be friendly bunch of people and it's great to be able to meet up in the pub for dinner or a lively conversation at the end of a walk.

Our national parks are simply fabulous and the network of long-distance footpaths makes it the perfect destination for a walking holiday.

Book a self catering holiday cottage as a comfortable base to return to in the evening and have the most wonderful walking holiday ever. Cottage owners in walking areas tend to have a supply of maps and details of walks of various kinds, many of which they will have done themselves and can advise from experience. There are also guides who will take you out on the hills and point out things of interest.




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