Cottage Holidays in the Countryside and Rural Britain

English lavender fieldsDreaming of a break in the beautiful British Countryside? Britain offers visitors miles and miles of unspoilt countryside, woodlands, coastline, moors and hills. With greenery aplenty along with a rich history and some fine towns and villages, it is in indeed a green and pleasant land. This naturally beautiful landscape means that the UK has lots to offer when it comes to cottage holidays.

Choices for Rural Holidays include:


Rural Retreat Stays

Cottages in National Parks

Cottages in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Cottages in or near a Nature Reserve

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Where to Choose for your Special Break Away?

There are so many choices available for you and lots of possible options. Read through our guides or find a deal, we aim to help you find your dream cottage.


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Do you love country holidays?

Holidaymakers are generally divided about cottage holidays in the countryside, one half enthuse about the scenery, the wildlife, wild flowers and rural life, the other half simply cannot see what the country offers at all – to them it’s an empty landscape devoid of shops, pubs and the things they enjoy.

Country breaks with dogs

Lots of people like to holiday with dogs, but for those travelling without pets, pet-free cottages are also available.

Perhaps it depends on childhood memories and upbringing; some families gain considerable pleasure from being in peaceful unspoiled areas in the fresh air, like to ride bikes or walk for the sheer pleasure of being outdoors.

Country enthusiasts don’t mind mud or wearing practical clothing and are always prepared for the various changes of weather. Self-caterers who stay in cottages and rented accommodation in the country are a hardy lot, they can cope with all types of kitchen appliances, erratic heating systems and dark lanes. In fact, country lovers prefer streets without light pollution and like the absence of traffic noise.

farmhouse holidaysWhen renting holiday cottages in the country, it is good to know oneself and understand one’s expectations from a rural holiday. Country pubs and rural eateries with pleasant gardens are lovely in the warm summer months, some have roaring log fires when the weather is cooler – everyone  enjoys a meal out during a holiday but this can comprise only part of a cottage break.

There is a wonderful selection of charming and beautiful country cottages that could be anything from former farm cottages and farmhouses to stunning barn conversions.  However, the accommodation is only part of the holiday, it also helps to appreciate the countryside and possible outdoor activities around it.

Rural villages hold much interest. In certain counties such as Suffolk, there are over 1,000 historic churches and churches were always at the centre of village life. A walk around the graveyard can be quite illuminating about the type of life people lived. It is worth taking a look at some of the beautiful country cottages in Suffolk just to admire their charm. 

The small village of Eyam in Derbyshire has a brave and tragic history from the times of the plague. There are villages all over the UK and Scotland that have their own amazing tales to tell, of smugglers, criminals, noblemen, peasants, intrigue and revolt. Delve a little deeper past the cows grazing in the fields and you may discover that the countryside is actually just as interesting as the city.

Newcomers to rural breaks might be advised to try short weekend breaks in the country first before committing much money in rental fees and transport. We hope that the countryside works its magic and that you fall in love with what you find. We hope that the countryside works its magic and that you fall in love with what you find. Most of us are thrilled by the prospect of encountering badgers, hedgehogs and deer. It could be a stay on a working farm where you have the opportunity to collect freshly laid eggs for breakfast or stroke the horses that gives you enough pleasure to book another country cottage holiday.

Going on holiday with a friend

People prefer to take a holiday with the companionship of a friend. It can be good to book a holiday cottage that sleeps two people for a few days and enjoy a break away somewhere new and exciting, or just for a special event. These holiday homes have either one or two bedrooms and are ideal for two unrelated people sharing.



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