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 selfcatering settingsWhat sort of setting would you prefer for your cottage holiday?


Choosing the right holiday cottage in the right setting

Selecting a country cottage for that precious week or two of our holiday entitlement is a big decision that we really want to get right. Staying in the right area in the United Kingdom or Ireland can make a big difference to the success of our holiday. Making holiday choices is relatively easy for walkers or people who just want to get away but don't mind where as long as it's rural with plenty of signposted walks and often, having no particular expections means that every pleasing factor adds to the ultimate satisfaction with the cottage break.

Visitor attractions can sometimes be hyped up and our response can be one of disappointment.  People tend to be happy with their choice of self-catering accommodation is there is plenty to interest them close by to where they stay. A common complaint with town dwellers on arriving in the country is that there is nothing there. They are unable to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of natural landscapes and therefore derive no joy from their location. People who only walk when the car breaks down should look for cottages in locations that offer them suitable activities. Seaside towns are good in providing plenty of entertainment for tourists, or a small island such as the Isle of Wight that specialises in cottage holidays, has a wealth of places to visit and activities for just about every age group in a compact area.

The main setting that can be of concern to families with children is by a river. Accommodation that overlooks a river poses safety concerns and there are occasionally minimum age limits imposed for children. Outdoor swimming pools in a holiday park pose similar risks.

Holiday cottages are also always shown at their best and it is advisable that potential guests discuss the accommodation beforehand so that expectations are not shattered. If you sleep on cotton sheets only, check the type of bedlinen or you may be less than happy with your chosen cottage break. The biggest threat to ruining a cottage holiday is for people allergic to pet hair booking a pet-friendly cottage, look for pet-free cottages each time and avoid feeling ill on holiday.



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