Secluded Cottages with Good Views

Looking for a perfect secluded holiday cottage to rent where you can wake up to an inspiring view on holiday?  Whether for a romantic break, a getaway with friends or family, renting a holiday home with an inspiring view can add to that feel good factor on holiday.


Find the Best Secluded Hideaway with a View for you

When it comes to good views, some holidaymakers dream of looking out to views of trees, valleys or fields, whereas others love to gaze out over the water to lakes, streams, rivers or the sea.  Whatever makes for a perfect view for you, find an inspiring choice of options on Country Cottages Online.



Hide Away and Enjoy Country Views on Holiday

Whether you are searching for vistas of fields, farmlands, meadows or valleys, waking up to a country view from your secluded retreat can be good for the soul.  Find your perfect secluded retreat with a countryside view.

Secluded Hideaways with Countryside Views


Wake up to Woodland Views

Love to spend time gazing out at trees and watching the local wildlife?  Whether you want to see birds, squirrels or deer, renting a hidden cabin or cottage which looks out to woodland can be wonderful for nature lovers.

Secluded Rentals with Woodland Vistas



Gaze Out and Enjoy Views Out over the Water

There’s something quite calming about looking out over water that can give you that feel good factor.  Spending time by the seaside is scientifically proven to be good for you, but many of us know that spending time next to rivers, canals and lakes can also give you the feel good factor too.



Hidden Retreats with River Views

Screened retreats situated next to a river are often quirky properties such as converted watermills or mill properties, and as such often offer charm and character as well as dream waterside views.

Secluded Retreats with a River View




Hide Away by the Lake and Look Out over the Water

Book a lakeside retreat or lodge and enjoy hiding away with your nearest and dearest on holiday.  Wake up to lake views and enjoy feeling truly inspiring on holiday.  At some lakeside retreats you might even be able to enjoy activities like boating or fishing.

Secluded Cottages with a Lake View

Whatever type of secluded rental you choose to book, whether a lakeside cabin or a hidden country gem, we hope you find the perfect hideaway with an inspiring view for your holiday.



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