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Drumbeg is a tiny village near the coast in the Northern Highlands located next to a loch.  Surrounded by farmlands and set on a hillside against a backdrop of mountains, Drumbeg is located in a charming, remote part of Scotland.  Drumbeg is so small that it really is just a collection of cottages and houses along with a village store.  Drumbeg is an extremely scenic place to take a country cottage holiday.

About Self-Catering Holidays in Drumbeg

The coast is a short walk away from Drumbeg and there are a number of good walks in the area.  The mountain of Quinag is nearby which may be of interest to keen hikers and mountaineers.  There are also good opportunities for fishing near Drumbeg.  From many coastal areas in Scotland it is possible to fish in the sea from the shore.  Another option is Loch Drumbeg where you can safely fish from the bank.  Contact Assynt Crofters’ Trust for details about permits and fishing opportunities on the Assynt Country Estate.  Due to its remote location, a holiday in Drumbeg is probably best suited to those who enjoy country pursuits.  Wildlife watching is recommended in this area.  Travel to this part of Scotland to truly get away from it all, enjoy the freedom of finding peaceful spots far from crowds.  Whether you decide to rent a rural cottage or a large country house, we hope you find good quality self-catering accommodation in or near Drumbeg for your remote Scottish getaway.    

Book a Drumbeg cottage and look forward to discovering some of the best of Highland on holiday.

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