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Well Furlong, Little Comberton, Worcestershire, Heart of England , England

3 bedroom Cottage

sleeps 1 - 6 guests
1 - 6
3 bedrooms
3.5 bathrooms
dog-friendly cottage, 1 dog(s) welcome
5 star

Three bedroom cottage on the edge of the Cotswolds AONB and the Malvern Hills, enjoying access to a beautiful indoor pool, a jacuzzi and steam room on site, ideal for a relaxing holiday.

Special features: free internet access, pool (Adjoining property, you do not need to go outside to access it), tennis court, games room, indoor hot tub.

Weekly Price from: £3200
Next availability:
from 06 December to 10 December 21 from 03 January to 10 January 22

Booking a holiday cottage that has its own indoor swimming pool is just that bit more fun that booking one without. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for, so a holiday rental with a pool will cost more than one without and a cottage with its own private pool will be the most expensive.

The question to ask yourself before booking is whether you and your family will make good use of the swimming pool or any other of the attractive facilities. Sometimes the idea sounds appealing but it is only worth it if you use that facility during your holiday. Sometimes, people try to pack so much into a holiday in Malvern that they are too tired to bother with a swim when they return to their accommodation.

Most children would love staying at a holiday home that has its own swimming pool and there is only so much hill walking in Malvern that children can be subjected to before complaining. The presence of a swimming pool mans that they can have lots of fun irrespective of the weather, especially if you provide them with a beach ball and some inflatables.

Check the rules regarding permitted outdoor toys in the pool when booking a holiday cottage that is part of a larger complex and shares a swimming pool with other guests.