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Best Festive Cottages for Families

Family enjoying Christmas together

Looking to get away from it all with your family this Christmas or New Year? The festive period is a popular time of year to take a break away from it all so be aware that holiday houses book up quickly and that early booking is recommended. The type of holiday rental that you’re searching for, for your December break, will depend on the age of your children and whether you’re holidaying with a babe in arms, tots, younger children or teenagers.

Whatever the age of your kids, Country Cottages Online has put together some helpful hints and ideas to help you find the perfect family-friendly rental for your festive getaway.

Holiday Rentals with Leisure Facilities for Relaxing Festive Holidays

Whether you have young kids or teenagers, one of the most popular choices for Xmas or New Year getaways is renting a holiday rental with leisure facilities available. Properties with indoor facilities are preferable for December or January breaks.

Find a family cottage with indoor pool for a Xmas holiday

Search family cottages with indoor pools for New Year breaks

At most holiday properties swimming pools will be open over the festive period but it’s always recommended that you check before booking as at some holiday complexes for example it may be that facilities close over this time of year. Also be aware that some holiday homes have private facilities whereas at others they will be shared. Also, be sure to ensure that the holiday home you book for a festive break has access to an indoor pool as some holiday homes have outdoor pools which are closed over the winter months.

Games Rooms for Entertainment on a Festive Break

Whatever the age of your family members, when holidaying over winter when the weather can get a bit chilly, renting a holiday home with facilities to keep you entertained can make perfect sense. Some holiday houses feature full on games rooms with a combination of facilities like a pool table, table tennis and even table football, whereas others may just have a snooker table for example.

Search family cottages with a games room for Christmas breaks

Family-Friendly Rentals for New Year Breaks with a Games Room

Be aware when searching for a child-friendly holiday rental with a games room, that some houses have facilities outdoors. When it comes to booking a festive break when the weather is likely to be cold, it’s strongly recommended that you book a property with indoor games facilities.

Cottages with a Movie Room for Film Fanatics

When it comes to holidays over Christmas or New Year, sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than just relaxing and watching a film. If you’re family loves to watch films over the festive period, renting a holiday home with a cinema room could be a great hit. At some of these rentals there will be facilities to watch the likes of Netflix or Sky too!

Family Cottages with a Movie Room

Use the search filters to find holiday properties with availability for Christmas and New Year.

Finding the Perfect Family-Friendly Rental for your Festive Break

When it comes to finding the perfect holiday rental for your brood’s festive break, ideals can vary and what makes for the perfect holiday rental will very much depend on the ideas and interests of your family.

For some families renting a holiday home with indoor facilities like a pool, a games room or movie room will be the perfect choice whereas for other families it may be more important to have good walks close by for example.

For the full choice of family-friendly rentals for festive breaks see:

Family Cottages for Xmas Holidays

and for New Year getaways see:
Family-Friendly Rentals for New Year Breaks

Wherever in Britain you choose to stay for your break, we hope you find the perfect festive holiday rental and that you have a wonderful holiday.

Best Cottages for New Year Breaks

Where will you be celebrating this New Year?

New Year Fireworks

Fireworks to bring in the New Year

For many people, ringing in the New Year is an exciting annual tradition filled with partying, celebration and festivities. If you’re in the habit of staying at home every year to welcome in the New Year, why not consider doing something different this year? Cottage holidays are popular all throughout the year and while you may not have considered staying in a cottage over the New Year period, it can actually be a very worthwhile experience. So if you’re thinking of booking a holiday cottage getaway to end the current year and start the next one off, here’s a guide to some of the best ones you may want to consider.


Cottages near the big New Year celebrations

Every year we see New Year’s celebrations from major cities all around the world. The UK is no stranger to these festivities, with millions up and down the country gathering in large cities such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Glasgow, with many other cities, towns and villages up and down the country holding their own festivities. Of course, the biggest celebrations (and the most popular) are in the biggest cities. London’s celebrations, for example, are seen around the world, with millions watching the dazzling fireworks display and seeing landmarks such as the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament lit up. If you want to take part in these huge celebrations, consider staying at a holiday cottage close by or just a train ride from London.

Chances are, you’re not going to be able to stay within walking distance of the celebrations since they’re typically centrally located within the city and holiday cottages tend to be located a bit further away from bustling city centres. So you’ll probably end up staying a train ride away from where the New Year’s celebrations are set to take place. The great thing about staying in a holiday cottage close to major New Year’s celebrations is that you get to take part in all the action and you’re not just staying in some hotel close by: you’ve got a comfortable, peaceful home-away-from-home away from the crowds.

Escape to the Country for a Big New Year’s Celebration with Friends

Champagne Celebration

Celebrate with Champagne at New Year

While city celebrations are hugely popular, many prefer more intimate celebrations with their close friends and family. If this sounds like you, you may want to look for cottages that have more space, so there’s plenty of room for entertaining guests. Whether you’re going away with family or friends, or even both, you’ll want somewhere that’s got enough room for everyone to be comfortable and welcome in the New Year together. Look for somewhere that’s got enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone, and be sure to find a cottage that has ample living and dining space, along with a decent-sized kitchen if there are going to be a lot of you staying there. It’s also a good idea to find a cottage with good amenities for entertaining, such as a games room, a party room and even a swimming pool or hot tub for a really fun time. New Year comes at one of the coldest times of the year, so it’s worth bearing in mind that having things like open fires and wood burners will really come in handy should it get too cold outside.

Find a Big Holiday House Rental for New Year

Cottages Somewhere New

Why not ring in the New Year somewhere you haven’t been before? Staying in a holiday cottage over the New Year period in a place you’re familiar with can of course be a very worthwhile experience, but so can staying somewhere that’s completely new to you. After all, the New Year is meant to be about starting afresh and trying new things, so it’s the perfect opportunity to visit somewhere you’ve never been to before. Even if you’re a seasoned traveller and have visited many parts of the UK, there are so many holiday cottages scattered throughout the country that you’ll still be spoiled for choice. If you’re used to celebrating the New Year in London and have never been to Edinburgh before, why not head north and welcome in the New Year somewhere new? Pick a holiday cottage on the outskirts of the city and you’ll have the best of both worlds: convenient access to all the major festivities and lots of peace and quiet away from the buzz of the city centre.

Pick the Best New Years Cottage for you

Choosing the right holiday cottage for your New Year’s break doesn’t have to be hard. Sure, there’s an overwhelming variety of them available, but so long as you bear in mind what you want most from your cottage getaway, you should have no problems finding one to suit your needs. Be sure to pick one that’s right for you and whoever else is joining you to bring in the New Year – whether you stay in to celebrate or head out and join the crowds, you’re bound to have a memorable experience waving goodbye to the current year and welcoming in the new one.










Best UK Holiday Cottages for Christmas Breaks

Christmas Cottage

Cottage decorated for Christmas

If you’re thinking of going on a Christmas break, why not consider renting a holiday cottage? Choose independently owned self-catering accommodation for a getaway that you can enjoy in your own time and on your own terms. There are hundreds of holiday cottages up and down the country that would make for ideal places to stay, although for Christmas breaks, there are certain ones in particular you may want to look out for. When looking for holiday cottages for your next Christmas break, here are a few of the best ideas to make your getaway enjoyable, comfortable and memorable.

Remember before booking always check with the owner or agency to find out whether the holiday home will be decorated with a tree and other festive decorations ready for your arrival.  If you’re getting away for Xmas make life as easy as possible and choose a pre-decorated cottage.

Cosy Cottage Hideaways for Festive Breaks

Cosy pet-friendly Xmas cottage

Cosy pet-friendly Xmas cottage

When it comes to Christmas holidays, renting a cottage with plenty of atmosphere can be essential.  For warmth and ambience, holiday homes with wood burners or open fires can offer you that warm glow where you can put your feet up and bask in the warmth on a cold winter’s night.  There’s nothing quite like being snug and warm inside when it’s cold and may be even snowing outside.  Options include pet-friendly holiday homes where you can bring your pooch along.

Christmassy Cottages with Plenty to Keep You Entertained

As well as choosing a holiday home with a cosy feel, for your holiday cottage Christmas break to be a real success, it makes sense that you choose accommodation that has all facilities you’d need. If you’re looking to rent somewhere around Christmas time, you should make sure it offers the right facilities so that there is plenty to keep you entertained even when it’s cold outside.  Top choices include TVs, a games room and movie buffs may even want to find a holiday home with a movie room! Other popular choices, year-round, include cottages with hot tubs or swimming pools, where you can enjoy leisure and relaxation whatever the season. These holiday properties with leisure facilities can be perfect for a cool winter’s evening, especially if the cottage has nice views for you to admire while enjoying a leisurely dip.

Cottages with Plenty of Room for Celebrating and Having Fun at Xmas

Group celebrating Xmas

Group enjoying Xmas Celebrations

Some like to rent holiday cottages for a bit of peace and quiet, whereas others, especially large families and groups of friends, like to have a somewhat livelier experience while on a self-catering break. If your Christmas getaway is going to involve entertaining friends and family at any point, you’re going to want to look for a holiday home that offers plenty of space; not just spacious living and dining rooms, but also plenty of bedrooms for those planning on staying over after they’re done partying for the night.

Find a large holiday house to rent for Christmas

Big holiday houses are ideal for large groups of friends or family where you can enjoy a festive break altogether.  Some of the best cottages also have lots of outdoor space – many of them have beautifully tended gardens, for example, that are great for entertaining guests, for youngsters to play in, or for pets to run around (if the cottage is pet friendly, of course). If you’re particularly fond of countryside scenery, choose a holiday cottage in a more rural location. Of course, some people don’t necessarily need or want lots of space and are happier staying somewhere a bit more cosy. You’ll find many cottages that are a bit on the smaller side, but still offer enough space for you to feel comfortable.

Cottages Close to Top Festive attractions

Christmassy market

Christmas market for festive fun

If you’re going away for a Christmas break, you’ll definitely want to be close to some festive attractions. Christmas markets are very popular in the run-up to the Christmas Day and it’s a great idea to incorporate visits to these markets, and other festive attractions, during your trip away.

Look at what markets, fairs and other Christmas-related attractions appeal to you the most then look for cottages that suit your needs and are quite close by. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is one of the biggest and most popular in not just London, but the whole country; as well as an extensive festive market with stalls selling all sorts of food, drinks and gifts, there’s a funfair with lots of rides, a circus, an ice-rink and lots of exciting festive entertainment to be enjoyed. There are many other high-quality attractions of all kinds all across the country: the Manchester Christmas Market has over 350 whimsically decorated stalls and is known for its abundance of international cuisine; for an authentic German-style Christmassy market, there’s the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham; a dazzling festive light show with more than 60,000 lights can be found in Edinburgh along its historic Royal Mile street.

Finding the Best Holiday House for your Christmas Break

These are just a few ideas of the sorts of places you should be looking at to make your festive getaway a success. Whether you’re planning on going away for Christmas itself, or you’re looking to go sometime before the 25th of December, staying in a cosy, comfy holiday cottage with your nearest and dearest is a wonderful way to celebrate all the Christmas festivities. Whatever criteria you have for choosing your holiday home, make sure you shop around to find the perfect one for your needs.  Whether you’re staying home or going away, we hope you have a wonderful Xmas.












Holiday in the UK Easter 2017

Spring Daffodils

Spring Daffodils

If you didn’t manage to get away for Half Term you might be planning a break for Easter and thinking about possible destinations for your self-catering getaway in beautiful Britain.  There are some great reasons to choose the UK as the destination for your Easter getaway and a great range of cottages available for Easter to choose from.

Great Reasons to Holiday in the UK this Easter

•    No uncertainties about currency exchange rates – With fluctuations in currency exchange rates and uncertainty about what the pound will buy you if you choose to go abroad it’s no surprise that 2017 may truly be the year of the Staycation.   Rent a holiday home in the UK and benefit from the certainty that you know what you’ll be paying for your cottage and won’t be likely to get caught out by any nasty exchange rate changes.

•    Love that Home from Home Feel – Britain has lots to offer in terms of home comforts, particularly for those of us born and bred in the UK, there really is no place like home in some ways.  Choose to rent a holiday home in the UK and you can enjoy that reassuring feel of renting a home from home, where you can go in to the local pub without language or cultural barriers and feel the reassurance and ease that comes with that.

•    Appreciate Home Comforts on a Holiday in the UK  Plus for all those picky eaters out there, you get to eat your favourite foods whilst away too, just do your shop before your break (or liaise with the holiday home owner and arrange a food delivery for when you’ll be away) or head to the local supermarket on arrival.  With a stay in the UK there is no need to fill your suitcase with all those essentials like “proper tea”, Heinz ketchup or any of your other favourite comfort foods.

Take your Dog on Holiday Too!

Holiday within the UK and one great advantage is no passport controls and the chance to take your pet dog away too.  Country Cottages Online feature a great choice of pet-friendly holiday cottages where you and your canine companion will be made to feel very welcome.  So taking a staycation break this Easter you won’t need to worry about or pine for your much loved four-legged family member whilst you’re away as they can enjoy a holiday too!

Choose the UK Destination that Suits you Best this Easter

England's Stunning Countryside

England’s Stunning Countryside

Whether you choose to holiday in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland, each part of the UK has its own unique character and appeal.  Regions within these countries can also be very different and offer completely different scenery and experiences depending on where you choose to visit. Common to all is a rich history and the choice to spend time in the countryside or coast.  For remote holidays where you can head off in to wild untouched landscapes and enjoy wildlife watching at its best, Scotland and Ireland tend to be the best choices, whereas England and Wales offer their own unique appeal, along with the added convenience of proximity, particularly for Londoners and those based around the South East of England.  For ideas and inspiration on which area of the UK to holiday in this Easter, read through our Area Guides.


Choose the Facilities in a Cottage that Suit you Best

A cottage with pool

A cottage with pool

For some people, breaks are all about exploring the great outdoors and spending time discovering a new area and the emphasis is on finding good value budget self-catering accommodation.  Whereas for others, it is most important to kick back, relax and unwind in luxurious accommodation.  Options like cottages with hot tubs or cottages with swimming pools are popular choices for travellers looking to truly relax on holiday.  If you are looking to book a cottage for Easter with leisure facilities, booking early is recommended as these properties are popular and tend to book up quickly.

Wherever you opt to take a break in Britain this Easter, we hope you have a fabulous cottage holiday in the UK.







Ideas for October Half Term Holidays

If you have kids, your little ones may be counting down to the October Half Term Holidays.  Lots of parents take time off too, whether staying at home or planning a break away, so they can spend time with their children during the Autumn holidays.  Exact holiday dates may vary but the Autumn half term break is usually in late October.  School holiday dates even in England can vary from region to region and school to school.  One thing in common though for most parents is the need to think about what to do to keep your kids occupied over October Half Term.  Taking the family away for a cottage break can be ideal for those keen to discover a new area and enjoy activities altogether.

Norfolk has Lots to Offer for Holidays with the Kids

Enjoy the great outdoors on holiday with the kids this Autumn

Enjoy the great outdoors on holiday with the kids this Autumn

Open from mid to late October, Bewilderwood near Hoveton in Norfolk with its treehouses, boat rides, woodland walks and children’s play areas offer plenty of family fun in a largely naturally beautiful environment.  Encourage your kids to enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with a trip to this family-friendly Norfolk attraction.

There are also lots of farm parks to take the kids to, to see the animals, dotted around Norfolk, as well as a zoo at Banham.  There are also plenty of soft play centres, indoor play centres, bowling alleys and cinemas, so no matter how old your children are, there should be plenty of options when it comes to places for fun times in Norfolk.

Staffordshire for Theme Parks

Roller coaster

Thrills and Spills on Offer at the UK’s Theme Parks

Staffordshire is home to Alton Towers, one of the UK’s best known theme parks.  With rides and attractions to entertain all ages, from rollercoasters that will thrill teenagers to gentler rides and CBeebies land for toddlers, a holiday in Staffordshire close to Alton Towers could be a real hit with the kids.Also within an hour’s drive of Alton Towers is Drayton Manor Theme Park and zoo, where there is a Thomas the Tank Engine Land, lots of different rides, an indoor play area, shows and a Dinosaur trail.

Discover Dinosaur Related Attractions along the Jurassic Coast.


Discover Dinosaur-related attractions in Dorset

Lots of children, including both boys and girls, are fascinated by dinosaurs.  Where better to take them then to feed this interest and help them learn more than Dorset’s Jurassic coast?

Enjoy fossil hunting along the Dorset coast and visit the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre where you can see a range of fascinating fossils.  Seaton Jurassic is particularly family-friendly and aims to tell the story of the Jurassic coastline, taking you back in time.  Also not to be missing is the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester when your kids can learn more about these fascinating creatures that once walked the earth.
Find Holiday Cottages for October Half Term holidays on Country Cottages Online and look forward to a break away with the kids this Autumn.






Last Minute Spring Breaks and Easter Cottage Deals

Have you booked a break for this Easter? With the press buzzing with stories about record ever temperatures being a possibility this Easter, it could be a great time to get away. Britain can be brilliant when the sun is shining down on us and you can enjoy fantastic weather combined with home comforts in the wonderful UK.

Whether you fancy the idea of visiting Scotland, Wales, Ireland or green and beautiful England, it’s recommended that you check local weather forecasts, as we all know that local weather patterns can vary.

Swimming in outdoor pool

Will Easter 2015 be hot enough to enjoy a dip in an outdoor pool?

Some of the best places to stay when the weather is kind to us are holiday homes with gardens when you can sit out and soak up those rays. Other popular choices are coastal cottages where you can enjoy refreshing walks along the beach. Outdoor swimming pools may be a tad ambitious for April but may be a possibility if the pool is warmed sufficiently by the sun or heated.

Whatever location or type of holiday cottage takes your fancy, we hope you find an inspiring place to stay and a late deal or good value Easter cottage on Country Cottages Online.


Top Places for Cottage Holidays this September and October

Cottage holidays aren’t just for summer time. In fact, it can be even more important to get away outside of summer to keep your spirits up and to keep that sunny feeling. September and even October can still offer bright sunny days and can be a wonderful time to get out and explore the great outdoors. Why not book a short cottage reak and get away for a long weekend this September or October?

1. Britain’s National Parks

Burley village, New Forest National Park

Pretty Burley village in the New Forest National Park

For getting out and enjoying outdoor activities, cottage holidays in Britain’s National Parks can be perfect. Whether you choose to discover England’s, Scotland’s, Wales’ or Ireland’s parks, you will find that each offers its own unique appeal and landscape. With safe walking paths to guide you around and cycle paths available in some, as well as bridle paths, these nationally beautiful areas are wonderful for enjoying walking, cycling and horse riding, as well as a choice of other outdoor activities.

2. Britain’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Dunstable Downs in the Chilterns

Dunstable Downs in the Chiltern Hills

With so many to choose from, Britain’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are just wonderful for self-catering holidays where you can enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. Whether you head for forested areas, areas of stunning countryside, moorlands or coastline, you should find Britain’s AONBs enchanting places to spend time and like the National Parks, these are wonderful areas to enjoy a range of outdoor activities. On high up areas, activities like kite flying may be on offer and are great fun for adults and children alike. Dunstable Downs in the Chiltern Hills has to be one of the very best naturally beautiful areas for this sort of activity.

3. The Coast

Aberdeenshire Coast Cruden Bay

Aberdeenshire Coast by Cruden Bay

As an island, Britain is blessed with an expansive and stunning coastline. Why not enjoy a cottage break by the beach this September or October? Days out by the seaside aren’t just for summer. Fun activities like jumping from sand-dunes, paddling, throwing pebbles in to the sea, walking and breathing in that wonderful sea air aren’t just for summer. As a real treat why not book some horse riding along the beach, for a truly romantic notion.

Last Minute Easter Breaks and Offers

Easter is just around the corner, have you booked somewhere to stay to make the most of this lovely spring we’re having? Blossom and flowers seem to be unearthing early this year and the Easter holiday gives us an opportunity to get out and about to appreciate this beautiful season. Often nowadays Early Bird Offers are available so it usually pays to book early. Having said that, with Easter just around the corner, you may well be able to find some great last minute deals and discounts. Book a getaway and look forward to Easter egg hunts and spotting bunnies with your family. Find somewhere nice to stay and have a fabulous Easter break.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – we have lovely cottages for two

It’s that time of year when we are pressured into doing something romantic for our partner. The Valentine’s card is a must. Think how pleased your loved one would be with a surprise romantic break. The 14th of February this year is on a Friday, the perfect day for a weekend break. Do take a look at our romantic getaway suggestions with cottages for 2 and you’ll find somewhere quite lovely that you can both enjoy.  For romantic retreats, cottages with four posters beds and wooden beams can be an excellent choice.

Cottages for Christmas 2013

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Anyone planning to spend Christmas away in a cottage or log cabin should have already booked somewhere to stay, especially if a large house is required for a big group. Spending Christmas away from home can be exciting; new places to explore, new shops, a change of events, a different unfamiliar kitchen. It is easy to organise a big family get-together at Christmas if everyone plays their part with a generous spirit and is prepared to give of themselves. A family Christmas and New Year party with games and lively chatter could be on the cards if you book that self-catering accommodation soon.