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Easter Holiday Inspiration 2020

Planning a cottage break for Easter 2020 and in search of ideas and inspiration? Wherever you want to holiday in Great Britain, whether in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, the UK is home to some beautiful holiday destinations and some fascinating places.

Easter bunny
Enjoy the joys of spring with an Easter break

At Easter time when spring flowers like crocuses and daffodils are starting to appear and brighter skies are starting to show, exploring the UK can really help to put a spring in your step. There is also tons going on in the UK over Easter which makes it quite an exciting time to get away, with numerous Easter egg hunt events on up and down the country. Searching for Easter eggs is a real favourite with families.

Entertaining Easter Holidays

Particularly when it comes to family holidays, booking a holiday cottage with some entertainment facilities can be a real godsend. Having entertainment facilities on hand at a holiday rental can be great for bonding with friends and family and there’s nothing that quite compares to lots of fun and giggles on holiday.
home cinema room


Cottages with Cinema Rooms for Avid Movie Watchers

For families and friends in search of a self-catering cottage with something extra to offer, renting a holiday home with a cinema room can be a great choice. Whether you watch or buy a film on Netflix, Sky or Amazon, or whether you choose to take a favourite DVD with you away to watch, enjoying a home cinema style experience on holiday can help with making those special holiday memories.

Cottages with a Movie Room

Remember to buy and pack the popcorn and any sweet snacks to enjoy a real cinema style experience whilst away.

Games Rooms for Fun Easter Holidays

Rentals with games rooms are particularly popular, both with groups of friends and family. Facilities vary from property to property. Some holiday homes have pool tables, table football and table tennis whereas others may have just the one snooker table, it all depends.

Irrespective of the exact games facilities on offer, one thing in common across all is the fun that can be enjoyed with these sorts of games facilities. Games such as pool, snooker, table football and table tennis can be great for bringing out competitive spirit in friends and family, and you’ll quickly see who wants to keep score!

Properties with Games Rooms

Inspiring Easter Holidays

For a truly inspiring Easter holiday, perhaps for a romantic break or a getaway with friends, you may want to stay in one of Britain’s areas of outstanding natural beauty for truly stunning scenery. These landscapes are renowned for being truly beautiful and inspiring places. Britain’s National Parks are also popular with groups of families and friends, particularly with those who love to explore the great outdoors.

Wake up to Good Views on an Easter Holiday

countryside views
For more inspiration on holiday and the feel good factor, renting a holiday home with good views can be a great choice. Whether for you the perfect experience is gazing out to sea, watching the light reflecting on a lake or watching the sunset over fields and farmlands, there are some truly inspiring holiday homes with beautiful views in Britain with views you’ll never tire off.
Properties with Good Views

Relaxing Easter Breaks

Bubbly indoor hot tub
For many people, holidays, including Easter represent a chance to relax and unwind. Many of us have such frenetic jobs and lifestyles nowadays that nothing compares with the idea of relaxing and taking it easy on holiday. For holidaymakers who love the idea of a touch of luxury and pampering this Easter, renting a holiday home with leisure facilities could be the perfect choice.

Cottages with Indoor Hot Tubs

Although at Easter time, the weather is starting to brighten up, for those who want to stay cosy and warm on a break, renting a holiday home with an indoor hot tub where you don’t have to brave the outdoors to get to your bubbly relaxing spa bath could be the perfect choice.

Indoor Pools for Relaxed Easter Breaks

Again, although Easter is warmer than Christmas time and signifies the start of Spring, it is usually far from hot in the UK. Therefore renting a property with an outdoor pool is not really an option and for maximum enjoyment and relaxation, holiday homes with indoor pools are popular.
Properties with these sorts of facilities are popular with both groups of friends and family and are sought after by those who like to keep fit and by those who just like to splash around, relax and unwind on holiday (if you like to splash and have fun, book a property with a private pool where you have the facilities to yourselves).

Cottage rentals with an indoor pool

There’s such a great range of options when it comes to staycation holidays in the UK now. We hope we’ve inspired you with the range of options available to book for your Easter break and hope you have a wonderful Easter in 2020.