What wildlife can you spot on holiday in the UK?

If you’ve not been to Britain before or are a ‘townie’ or a city dweller that doesn’t get out to the countryside much, you may be wondering what sort of wildlife you may be able to spot on holiday here.

Read on to find out more about the type of wildlife you may be lucky enough to see on holiday in the UK and where best to holiday to see these wonderful creatures.

Birds to Spot on Holiday in Britain

Robins, Blue-Tits and Finches

Robin, a common sight in British gardens

Robin, a common sight in British gardens

Whether you’re officially a ‘twitcher’ or just enjoy looking at our feathered friends when you see them in gardens or when out and about, birdwatching can be great fun.  Some people are happy booking a countryside cottage with a private garden with shrubbery and trees that can attract small pretty birds like blue-tits or goldfinches in season whereas for others, it’s essential to choose a holiday destination where you can explore and see birds out in their natural habitat.

The beautiful red-breasted robin is a popular and cherished sight in UK gardens through the winter months and even in to spring.

Sea birds, Herons and more….



For those who want to get out there and look for birds, the North Norfolk Coast is a popular option as it’s dotted with nature reserves such as Scolt Head Island National Nature Reserve, Holme Dunes National Nature Reserve (plus RSPB Titchwell Marsh) and the National Trust’s Blakeney Nature Reserve.

Another increasingly popular choice for birdwatching holidays is the Norfolk Broads, places like Wheatfen with its fenlands  where you may see warblers and Fairhaven Woodland and Water garden near South Walsham where you may see grebe and geese.  Broads is increasingly becoming  popular choice.   Norfolk Broads, RSPB sites.


Beautiful puffins

Beautiful puffins

Other popular birds to see in Britain are puffins with their beautifully coloured beaks and cute appearance.  So cute are they, that some describe them as ‘sea parrots’.

Popular places to spot puffins are:

•    the Bullers of Buchan in Aberdeenshire (unfenced high cliffs, take care).
•    Skomer island in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
•    Farne Islands of Northumberland


Sea Eagles

These magnificent birds are a rare sight in the UK.  These large eagles with their huge wingspan are a sight to behold but you don’t quite have to go to the corners of the earth to see them, but you may need to seek out certain corners of Britain to catch a glimpse.

Some of the best places to see sea eagles are:

•    the Isle of Skye coast.
•    the Isle of Mull.

The above is just a taste of some of the most iconic and beautiful birds you may be lucky enough to see on holiday in the UK.  If you see some other fascinating birds on holiday why not less us know in the comments section below.


Animals to Spot on Holiday in the UK

When it comes to mammals to see on holiday in the UK out in the wild, Britain is home to some beautiful wild animals like badgers, foxes and deer that you may be lucky enough to see if holidaying in rural Britain.  Most of these animals though are shy and you are unlikely to see these wild animals on holiday in Britain, unless you seek them out or are staying at a holiday home where they are regular visitors.


Deer watching in the South East of England

Deer in Bluebell wood near Ashridge estate

Deer in Bluebell wood near Ashridge estate

Hertfordshire is quite a hot spot for spotting deer in the UK.  If exploring the quieter areas of the Ashridge National Trust estate, particularly at early morning, you may see deer happily crossing the road, or hiding in the woodlands.

Spring and summer can be the best times to spot deer here.

Another good place to see deer (which isn’t exactly in the wild but is in 3000 acres of parklands) is at Woburn Abbey Deer Park in Bedfordshire where there are nine species of deer.  This deer park is home to native UK deer, as well as Asian species.


Dolphin watching in Scotland

Spot dolphins on holiday

Spot dolphins on holiday

One of the best places in Scotland to see dolphins is along the Moray Firth near Inverness, plus Chanonry point and the Black Isle.   There is a resident dolphin population in this area of Scotland so you may be lucky enough to see them, whatever time of year you visit.  For good visibility though and the potential to see dolphins glistening in the sunshine, dolphin watching in the summer months may offer the best experience.

Other places in the UK where dolphins can be seen in summer include Cardigan Bay in Wales and if you’re around Land’s End Peninsula in Cornwall then you may be lucky enough to see dolphins from January to April.

Seal Watching in England and Wales

Beautiful grey seal

Beautiful grey seal

Popular places to see beautiful grey seals include Cardigan Bay in Wales, as well as Bardsey Island, in England Northumberland’s Farne Isles and Blakeney Point at Norfolk are popular for seal watching trips.

Visit at the right time of year and you may be lucky enough to see baby seals, which are unbelievably cute.

Whale watching in Scotland

Enjoy whale watching on holiday

Enjoy whale watching on holiday

The remote Scottish islands beckon for those who want to see whales in Britain.
Minke whales can sometimes be spotted, as well as basking sharks, and sometimes even killer whale (Orcas).  Summer is usually the best time to go whale watching in Scotland.

Hot Spots for Whale watching in Scotland include:

•    Loch Gairloch in Wester Ross
•    The Minch strait near Ullapool
•    Shetland Islands (where you may even see humpback whales)
•    Orkney

For the finest whale watching, you really do need to head to the more remote parts of Scotland, but for those that make the trip it is often an unforgettable experience.
Wildlife Watching Holidays

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