Green eco-friendly holidays

Britain is a green and pleasant country and for those who care about nature, a great place to enjoy an eco-friendly holiday.

Why Choose to take an Eco-Friendly Holiday

If you haven’t taken an eco-holiday before, there are some good reasons to do so; reduce your carbon footprint, do your bit for the environment and feel even happier about your holiday.
Eco-friendly holidays don’t necessarily mean slumming it.  There are plenty of luxurious holiday homes out there with features like solar panels or ground source heat pumps where you can still enjoy staying in style and luxury safe in the knowledge that you’re enjoying a sustainable holiday.

Some holiday homes even have their own spring water sources, for a truly special environmentally friendly holiday.

There are eco-cabin type options out there too for those on a budget who want to get back to nature and stay somewhere with basic facilities and enjoy more of a glamping style experience.

If you care about taking steps to protect and keep the UK green and beautiful, you may be interested to find out more about green award winning cottages.   We also have eco-friendly cottages featured which all do their bit to help care for the environment.  We hope you find the best cottage for you.

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