Green Awards for Ecofriendly Cottages

Green countryside in England

It is well known that there are accredited rating schemes in the UK to assess the quality of self catering accommodation and that cottages can be awarded 1 to 5 stars.  It is also widely known that Visit England has a special award scheme where cottages can attain a gold or silver award in recognition or excellent or exceptional levels of customer service.  However, did you know that there is also a national scheme in the UK for businesses to be assessed according to the steps they have taken to minimise their environmental impact? 

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In the UK there is a green tourism business scheme which self catering cottages can register for, to be assessed on their eco friendly credentials.  Assessment is usually done for each property every couple of years.  The scheme is officially recognised by Visit Britain.  In the green tourism business scheme, owners of properties register and sign up to be assessed and prove the steps they have taken to ensure their ecofriendliness.  If successful these cottages then go on to become green award winning properties.

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Holidaymakers are becoming more and more concerned about the environment and aware of carbon footprint issues.  Lots of people prefer to holiday in Britain for example rather than travel overseas to minimise our carboon footprint.  Many of us want the world to be as amazing for our children and grandchildren as it has been for us and want to nurture nature.  Increasingly in the UK we are seeing more wind farms and solar panels, all with the aim of protecting our environment and keeping Britain beautiful for future generations to enjoy. 

The Green Award scheme involves an annual inspection and a sign up to their principles.  These principles include areas such as minimising waste, recycling, using less resources, minimising pollution and using green suppliers.   There are a number of environmental indicators that the scheme uses to assess the eco friendliness of properties.  The system links in with the Visit Britain national ratings scheme in that it requires that cottages are officially rated and obtain an acceptable star rating in order to be eligible for the Green scheme. 

Properties that subscribe to try to win green awards really have to be committed to offering eco friendly self catering holidays.  An ongoing and serious commitment is required to attain a green award and then keep it over time.  There is also a financial commitment involved to support the scheme in its promotion.

If you want confirmation and assurance that a self catering property really does take environmental concerns seriously then a green award winning cottage may be right for you.  There are green award winners advertising on Country Cottages Online but also those who have not signed up to win an award and instead self certify that they have taken steps to care for the environment.  If you read through the details for each cottage you will be able to find out more about what makes each property eco friendly in its own way.   

If you love nature and want more options then why not consider a self catering farmstay?  Although not necessarily ecofriendly, farmstays can be great for getting close to nature. 

Some offer opportunities to interact with the animals and at some you can sample the local produce, now you can't really get any fresher than that.

Eco friendly and environmentally friendly cottages can be perfect for those passionate about the environment.  Find out more about cottages with eco friendly credentials on Country Cottages Online if these credentials are important to you.

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