What are the Country Cottages Online Membership Badges?

Membership badges on cottage advertisements are to illustrate how long cottages have been listed on our sites. Cottages are given an appropriate badge depending on how long they have been listed and featured with us.

  • Platinum membership badge   Platinum Level Members: These cottages are those that have been featured with us for more than 8 years
  • Gold membership badge   Gold Level Members: These holiday homes have been advertising with us for between 4 and 8 years
  • Silver membership badge   Silver Level Members: The cottages have been listed with us for between 2 and 4 years
  • Bronze membership badge    Bronze level members: These properties have been featured with us for between 1 and 2 years
  • Standard Membership Badge    Standard Green badge: These properties are relatively new to the site and have usually been featured for less than 1 year.

These badges are not endorsements or guarantees - they are to inform holidaymakers as to how long a holiday property has been listed with us. If you are a holidaymaker and have feedback about any of the properties listed on our sites please use our feedback form to get in touch.