How to book holiday cottages on Country Cottages Online, information and advice for holidaymakers

Please note that any availability or price enquiries should be directed to cottage owners. Via our site you are able to book direct with cottage owners. You will find a phone number and email link to them at the bottom of each cottage record. They are best placed to advise about their properties.

•    We do not get involved in bookings and are unable to answer specific questions about the cottages or their particular settings.

•    We are not able to answer email enquiries regarding availability or price.

DO get in touch with cottage owners or agencies who can help you best via their cottage records.

If you want to email more than one cottage, if you add the cottages you like to 'My favourites' (under main cottage image) as you browse, you will be able to send one email that is sent to all on your Favourites list. Please include your phone number.

Please remember, Country Cottages Online is not an agency. We are an advertising portal. We therefore do not get involved in the booking process which is between holidaymakers and cottage owners. Having said that, if you are experiencing great problems with contacting a cottage owner please do get in touch and we will do our best to pass a message on. Please allow a reasonable time though for cottage owners to respond to your queries in the first instance and do phone them before contacting us to avoid duplication and confusion.

Country Cottages Online are not an agency and do not personally inspect properties advertising on our websites. However, many cottages advertising on the sites subscribe to recognised national accredited standards and rating schemes. The large majority of properties advertising on our websites have been advertising with us for several years. Country Cottages Online was established way back in 2000. If you are concerned about booking online and would like to find out how long a cottage has been advertising with us please telephone us on 01245 425 718. Please note though that we are unable to get involved in bookings and cannot advise re price or availability of any property.

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