Amusing complaints

Every so often we receive complaints about certain cottages that are akin to 'no one warned me about cockerels crowing at dawn in the country'.

We advertise a host of stunning holiday cottages that are located in the country and therefore subject to rural conditions. However, these made us smile:

A complaint about country cottages in dangerous Devon

narrow country lanes in Devon"I wish to complain regarding a misleading advert. I booked for one week only to find that it was surrounded by narrow lanes not mentioned in the advert. Barely room for one car, a nightmare if you met an oncoming vehicle. This should have been mentioned in the advert.

We returned home after one day, could not stand the daily threat when driving in the lane 3 miles to nearest open road. Local mentioned to me, " you will get your bright new car badly scratched down these lanes" . We were not offered any refund. Only previous visit to Devon, stayed in a hotel, no experience of such a dangerous situation."


There are numerous similar country cottages down narrow lanes edged with high hedgerows in Devon. This is the charm of Devon. Do take a look at some of the fabulous rural gems to be found in the depths of the countryside:

secluded country cottages in Devon

In view of this complaint, we would like to warn potential holidaymakers that there are very narrow lanes in Cornwall that SatNavs occasionally direct vehicles down. It may be wise to take spare pants.

There are narrow lanes and tractors in the West Country that it is possible to meet on holidayBoth Devon and Cornwall have high hedgerows that make it impossible to see around bends until almost on the bend.  There is the danger of meeting a tractor head on.

Scotland has many more hazards. It would be wise to note that it is possible to experience all four seasons of weather in the one day and that day could be at any time of year. Holidaymakers should travel with clothing for all eventualities.

Sheep are a potential hazard in Wales. They have been known to cross the road haphazardly and step in front of moving cars. It is advised to practice those emergency stops before your holiday.



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