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Kilkee is a popular choice for people looking for a self-catering holiday destination in Ireland. Situated on the western coast in the county of Clare, Kilkee is a charming seaside town that overlooks the beautiful horse-shoe bay where you can find a stunning sandy beach. The beach is protected by the Duggerna reef which stretches across the bay, keeping out the Atlantic weather.  Enjoy browsing for self-catering cottages and cottages near the coast in Kilkee.

What Kilkee, Clare offers for Self-Catering Holidays

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach resort where you can enjoy the seaside atmosphere and all the fun and activities that goes with a stay by the beach then Kilkee and its blue flag award winning beach could be for you. In terms of a bathing beach, Kilkee is unsurpassed by any other resort in Ireland, its clean, safe waters make for the perfect swim. A great feature to the beach is its gradual slope which means that there is virtually no current, adding to the safety of the beach. Kilkee is also home to a great collection of sports and activities for you to get stuck into including surfing with its very own surf school, diving, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing and many more.

Other places of interest or attractions include regular dolphin watching boat trips which leave from Carrigaholt.  You can get a fantastic opportunity here to see bottle nose dolphins in their natural habitat. Walking, fishing and golf are also available in Kilkee and the area surrounding the town. Kilkee also boasts some fantastic restaurants and cafes for those days when you don’t feel like cooking and in the evenings you can always pop into town to enjoy a drink in a local pub or bar to take part in a traditional Irish evening.  Whether you decide to rent a crofter’s cottage, a seaside cottage or a cottage tucked away in the countryside, we hope you find good quality self-catering accommodation for your holiday.

Whether you choose to book a holiday cottage in Kilkee, an apartment, a lodge or another type of self-catering holiday accommodation, we hope you have your best holiday yet in Clare.

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