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Doonbeg is located in County Clare in the western part of Ireland close to the Atlantic coast and meaning small fort, it is an interesting little village with a rich history and lots to see and do on a cottage holiday. With several cosy, local pubs to settle into, a tourist information office, a couple of shops and a village hall with a wonderful community, Doonbeg is home to lots of friendly people and gorgeous landscapes, and if you want to see a part of Ireland that perhaps not everyone sees, staying here for a cottage break is a brilliant idea.

What Doonbeg offers for Cottage Breaks

Doonbeg is a haven for those who love history as it has existed at its current location by the river since medieval times. The central part of the village is the seven arched stone bridge which sweeps across Doonbeg River, separating the settlement into two sections, and the 16th century Doonbeg Castle can be seen from this point. The clans of MacMahon and O'Brien are historically associated with the castle which is probably where Doonbeg’s name comes from, and taking an afternoon trip to this imposing structure is a great way to be immersed in some great Irish history.

Located by the western coastline, Doonbeg features one of County Clare’s finest beaches for surfing. Known to the locals as ‘Doughmore’ this beach has some brilliant waves and is calm and peaceful, due to its difficult access through Doonbeg Golf Course. Lovers of this fun sport should definitely take a visit to Doughmore to try out the waves on this pristine and striking beach.  There is plenty of attractive coastline to discover on a self-catering break in this area of Ireland.

Walkers will adore the scenery of Doonbeg, as there are lots of wonderful trails that can be taken. A brilliant stroll south from the Doonbeg coastline will take you towards the charming coastal town of Kilkee and by spectacular cliffs where hidden caves and incredible views can be had. There are also several other areas where you can go on rambles to see amazing scenery, but this particular route is a very popular one.

With traditional dancing and music often being performed inside the friendly pubs of Doonbeg as well as a jazz festival in June, the village has a lot of culture and other events taking place, for those who like to soak this up as well as history and scenery. Taking part or visiting these events will give you a great sense of community in Doonbeg and you will end up feeling like a local!  Visitors old and young alike should find that Doonbeg has lots to offer for a memorable cottage holiday.  When it comes to finding somewhere to stay in or near Doonbeg, the best option for you may be a romantic cottage, a pet-friendly cottage or a rustic retreat depending on your needs and preferences.

Whether you choose to book a holiday cottage in Doonbeg, an apartment, a lodge or another type of self-catering holiday accommodation, we hope you have your best holiday yet in Clare.

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