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If you are planning for a cottage getaway in Carlow, you may wish to think about some of the alternative amenities that are available with holiday homes. Additional holiday amenities could be a Jacuzzi bath, free use of bicycles, sand pit for the kids or a hot tub.

Hot tubs are not suitable for children and there are health consideration. Pregnant ladies should not use them, nor people with cardi ovascular disease. Inebriation and wine glasses in hot tubs are not the best combination in the world. Tourists are often requested to sign a disclaimer when hiring a property with a hot tub although there really is little need if people behave sensibly.

Indulging in the soothing warm water of a hot tub is pleasurable for most and is even a sociable activity if it is a large hot tub that can accommodate several people. It is easy to see why people would like to bubble away in an outdoor hot tub, sip wine and chat with friends. There are swim bars in swimming pools abroad and they always take the precaution of serving drinks in plastic cups so that there is no chance of broken glass.

The chances are that a hot tub with a cottage holiday is part of a leisure centre or a private one on the verandah, and the weather of Carlow is not that suitable for spending hours semi-naked outside. The maximum time spent in a hot tub in any one session is about half an hour. The bubbling and activity is timed for a periodand then it is a dashinto your self-catering cottage unless it is the height of summer.

The majority of holidays makers are aware of the type of weather they can expect in Carlow. It is best to take that umbrella just in case.

A hot tub is a lovely extra to have if you enjoy that kind of thing but it is not to everyone’s taste. It might be worth considering the various additional facilities available with self-catering breaks to make your stay more enjoyable..

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