Top 5 Reasons to holiday on a Farm in 2018

Cow next to field

Cow next to field

If you like the idea of holidaying in a tranquil country location, whether for an Easter break or a summer holiday, booking a self-catering break on a farm could be a great choice.  The good news is that there are lots of holiday cottages on farms to be found dotted throughout rural England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  A good number of farmers have converted old stables and farm buildings into, in many cases luxurious holiday accommodation where guests can come for a while to experience a taste of the good life.

For ideas and inspiration, on places to stay, see our:

Read on for our top 5 reasons to holiday on a farm.

1. Country Views

Enjoy country views on holiday

Enjoy country views on holiday

One of the best benefits of holidaying on a farm is seeing those country views.  For the best rural views look out for holiday homes with private balconies or fields where you can sit out and look out over nearby fields and meadows.  Whether for you the joy is in sitting out and listening to bird song whilst enjoying a morning coffee or sitting out and sipping a cool glass of wine on a summer’s evening whilst you watch the sun go down, you can see some amazing sun rises and sun sets on holiday in the British countryside.

2. Wildlife Watch

Most farms are set in acres and acres of countryside (although some are on edge of village locations), and by virtue of this rural setting are glorious places to enjoy a bit of wildlife watching.  Whether you’re a keen twitcher who likes to look out for birds like hawks, sparrows or even in Scotland eagles, holidaying on a farm can be a good choice for spotting birdlife and other animals.

Stay near meadowlands, fields or forest on a farm and you may also be lucky enough to spot other wildlife such as deer, rabbits and hares.  Early morning and around sunset can be good times of day for spotting wildlife, as well as an optimum time to take photos too, so you can capture those memories to treasure.


3. Meet the Animals

Meet animals on a farm

Meet animals on a farm holiday

Choose to stay on a farm with livestock and you are almost guaranteed to see animals on holiday.  Whether the farmer keeps sheep, chickens, pigs or cows or a combination of these, at many farms the owners are open to guests meeting and at some places even feeding the animals.  If you’d like to have the opportunity to meet the animals or think your children would love to do this, see our list of farms where you can meet the animals.

Whether it’s giving a carrot to a donkey or putting out corn for chickens, children and adults often love the chance to meet and feed farm animals.

4. Relax and Unwind in Tranquillity

Perhaps you work in a city or a bustling town and long for a bit of peace and tranquillity.  If you want to get away from it all to a place where you can recharge your batteries in tranquil surroundings then holidaying on a farm could be a great choice.  If you truly want an idyllic peaceful retreat staying at a smallholding may be the best choice, rather than holidaying on a larger farm where there may be tractors and other farm vehicles.  If peace and tranquillity is truly important to you, we recommend that you get in touch with owners or agencies prior to booking  for reassurances that the property that you are interested in, is suitable for your needs.

5. Enjoy a Taste of the Good Life

Hens for freshly laid eggs

Hens for freshly laid eggs

There’s nothing quite like holidaying on a farm for a chance to experience a taste of the good life.  At some farms, you may be supplied with eggs produced on the farm, how’s that for a taste of the good life?  Whereas if you holiday on a farm that grows strawberries you may be allowed to pick some of the local crop to enjoy during your stay.

Whichever type of farm you choose to holiday on, whether you enjoy peace, tranquillity, getting back to nature and wildlife watching, this kind of holiday could be a wonderful experience.


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