Best UK Cottages for Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to your self-catering holiday the ideal is to stay in a holiday home that exceeds your expectations.  Holiday time is precious and there’s nothing worse than checking in somewhere that doesn’t float your boat.

Rated accommodation for customer satisfaction

Rated accommodation for customer satisfaction

Gold Award Winning Cottages Excel at Customer Service

If customer service is important to you then you may want to stay somewhere where you can be assured of the highest levels of customer service; a Gold Award winning holiday house could be the best option for you.  Gold award winning holiday cottages have been specially assessed by one of the various arms of Visit Britain and have excelled in offering customers a good quality experience, including in relation to customer service .  So if you want to stay at a holiday home that ticks all of the boxes then a stay at a gold award winning holiday cottage could be perfect for you.

Another good bet if you like luxurious accommodation is to book a 5 star or 4 star rated holiday home, again such a property will have been through a vigorous assessment process so you can be assured of such a property offering high quality levels.


Finding a Holiday Cottage that ticks all the Boxes

It is worth noting though that not all holiday home owners  opt to be assessed by Visit Britain due to the costs involved or for their own reasons.  Some holidaymakers like to rely on readily available customer feedback from websites such as Trip Advisor to help them assess whether a property is likely to meet their expectations .  Others still are dubious about this kind of feedback which isn’t subject to the same sort of quality controls or verification as say with Visit Britain assessments.

Other guests like to speak to holiday home owners direct and will ask for detailed information before booking a holiday home to ensure that the property is likely to meet their expectations before booking.  Here at Country Cottages Online although we do not inspect and assess holiday cottages we do have a system where we will remove holiday cottages from the website if it is clear that they are consistently not meeting holidaymakers expectations.  Thankfully this happens very seldom as it is unusual for us to receive negative feedback about any of the holiday cottages that we feature.  Most holiday home owners take pride in their cottages and their businesses and understand that putting customers and customer experience at the heart of their business is best for all involved.  We also have a system where owners can gather testimonials and customer feedback to help holidaymakers with choosing the best cottage for them.

Whichever quality or feedback system you trust, finding a holiday cottage to suit you as a customer can involve some research and leg work but here at Country Cottages Online we do seek to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best holiday home for you.



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