Forest Holidays in England

If you love greenery and trees, then a cottage holiday in one of England’s forests could be a perfect choice for you.  Whether you long to stay in a rural retreat nestled by the trees or in a log cabin set within or by a forest, there is a surprising choice of accommodation in a woodland wonderland setting in England.

England’s Forests for Cottage Holidays

Cylists on holiday in the New Forest

Cyclists enjoying the scenery of the New Forest on holiday

Thinking of taking a cottage holiday in or near a forest?  If so, here’s our top choice of England’s best forested areas for holidays.  Some of England’s best known and best loved forests have to include the New Forest in Hampshire, the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.

The New Forest is a great place to marvel at the heights reached by the Californian Redwoods and walk, cycle and wildlife watch.  There is a great choice of cottages available in the New Forest National Park.

The Forest of Dean is a great area to soak up the wonderful greenery, enjoy being under the canopy of trees and enjoy a host of outdoor activities from walking and cycling to horse riding.  Staying in a holiday cottage in the Forest of Dean can be a great choice for those looking for a home to home feel whilst on holiday.

Sherwood Forest is a great place to visit and holiday for those with a love for English legend.  Who doesn’t love the story of Robin Hood?  Whether you’re young or old, the idea of this hero who took from the rich and gave to the poor has such appeal that who wouldn’t be fascinated to visit Sherwood Forest, the old haunts of Robin Hood.  The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest is truly a fascinating tree and for many years, visitors could step inside this hollow tree which has a girth of 10 metres.  Said to have sheltered Robin himself, who could resist such a fantastic tale and a visit to such a legendary Forest?  For entertaining both kids and the adults, a cottage holiday in Sherwood Forest could be perfect.

There are of course so many beautiful forests in England that it’s hard to choose the very best ones for self-catering breaks.  Each forest or woodland area has its own unique appeal, and you may well have your own particular favourite.


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