Castleton to Hope in Derbyshire via the footpath - and self-catering cottage accommodation

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The walk from Castleton to Hope via a footpath is ideal for anyone who enjoys a walk on the flat.  You will need to climb over a couple of stiles, but otherwise it's suitable for all ages and is recommended as a scenic alternative to the main road.  We walked along it at the end of December when nature isn't at its best, but still found plenty of good views and interesting things to see.   Some of the things we saw are shown in the images below, although it's fair to say that this part of the Peak District is even more glorious during the summer when the ground is less wet and the trees are green and leafy.

The footpath meanders for part of the way along a river which turns and twists.  The river was full and fast flowing at the end of December but probably less so during the drier summer months.


 One good thing about winter is that it is possible to see the skeleton structure of trees and their different shapes.  Some, like the beech, were still showing copper coloured leaves, others red berries or seed cases.  The wet weather encouraged the growth of interesting fungi.

Lovely views encountered on the Castleton to Hope footpath

Although the ground was fairly wet, the footpath was still passable although we had to look for stepping stones and imaginative ways of avoiding boggy sections at times. 

The ducks enjoyed this new temporary duckpond in a flooded field. Views of the Blue Circle cement factory in the distance

We met quite a few other walkers even at this time of year.  They always seem so friendly and cheerful.  It makes one wonder whether exercise and being out in the fresh air are a recipe for happiness.  The other interesting fact about walkers is that they must be the main market for woolly hat manufacturers.  Every walker has at least one.

One of the stiles negotiated along the route.

The route is fairly varied, and at one point crosses a railway line.

Crossing the railway line

Not too far now from the village of Hope - most of it downhill as far as I remember, where there's a tea shop with a roaring fire and tempting snacks as a well-deserved treat.

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