Holiday cottages near Buxton, Derbyshire

Buxton holiday cottagesFind holiday cottages to rent in Buxton for a good value self-catering break. Buxton is one of the very best places to stay in the Peak District, it is fairly central and therefore offers a wide choice of places to visit in the Dales.

We have some of the best holiday homes in the Buxton area, all are of a good standard – places where you would be happy to stay. We have some of the best holiday homes in the Buxton area, all are of a good standard – places where you would be happy to stay. 

Each private holiday apartment or cottage is somewhere where you can settle in and feel as relaxed as you would in your own home. There is a kitchen with drinks and cooking facilities, a refrigerator for food storage and in many cases a freezer. You could stock up for a week and spend most of your holiday time doing things that give you pleasure; rambling in the Dales, visiting Derbyshire’s caverns, cycling or one of the many other activities to be found in the Peak District.

Buxton is a popular place for tourists to visit, with its Pavilion Gardens, Opera House, Poole's Cavern, and numerous gift and tea shops.  The following cottages are all located in the Buxton area and convenient for sightseeing or walking holidays in the Peak District National Park.

Take a look at some quality self-catering holiday accommodation in Buxton and surrounding countryside:

Dogs welcome cottages in Buxton

dog friendly holiday cottages buxton derbyshireSpecific types of holiday cottages that cater for families, people who want to take dogs on holiday and those seeking additional facilities.

Looking for a dog-friendly cottage in Buxton?  Somewhere where you can bring one or two dogs to stay with you?

These pets welcome holiday homes are ideal for hassle free experiences when away in the Peak District with dogs. The sofas are usually protected by rugs and the flooring is easily mopped. Staying with a dog may incur an additional charge per pet to cover the cost of insurance and extra deep cleaning to remove pet hair.

It is always wise to ensure that your dog's vaccinations are up to date because this will be required when staying in holiday accommodation in Buxton, especially in a cottage complex where other holidaymakers may be visiting with their dogs.

Large group holidays in Buxton

buxton group accommodationBuxton is also a popular place to stay for groups of hikers, or families who like to rent a big property between them. The brilliant aspect of renting a large cottage or country house is that it tends to work out less expensive per head and big properties tend to be found in extensive gardens away from nearby houses. The extra privacy is often appreciated. Some of the big houses in Buxton also have their own swimming pool, games room  or hot tub - all welcome features for a holiday.



family holiday cottage buxtonBaby and child-friendly family holiday cottages in Buxton

Visiting Buxton for a family event and looking for a child-friendly holiday cottage to rent? View holiday cottages that are kitted out with children in mind. They will have suitable beds, perhaps bunks and a cot, ideally a garden and all the essentials in the kitchen that families need; a microwave for heating baby food, unbreakable crockery and tumblers.

A family holiday in Buxton can be really good, there are parks to visit, a ‘Little rascals’ soft play centre and a miniature railway in the Pavilion Gardens.  Children would also adore spotting sheep in the national park, picnics and a paddle in a shallow sream.


Suggested days out in the Peak District, close to Buxton, during your holiday

Stately Homes: Haddon Hall - seat of the Manners family which dates from the Norman Conquest, Chatsworth House and gardens - home of the Duke of Devonshire.

  •  Many interesting and picturesque villages: Eyam - 'the plague village', which was made famous by the heroic acts of its residents during the Great Plague of 1665-6,
  •  Bakewell - home of the traditional tart.
  • Holiday cottages in Castleton - famous for its caverns and Peveril Castle. Blue John is mined in Castleton and Blue John products are sold in its shops. A selection of spectacular underground caverns with spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations to visit.

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