Holiday Cottage Rentals in England for Relaxing Self-Catering Holidays

Relaxing spa bathLooking for a self-catering cottage to rent for a holiday in England but want to book a stay in a holiday house with leisure facilities where you can relax and unwind on holiday?   Whether you want to rent a cottage with a sauna, a hot tub or a swimming pool, staying in a holiday rental with leisure facilities can help make for a truly relaxing break, allowing you to de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate on holiday.


Find Holiday Rentals with Leisure Facilities by Regions:

Relaxing Breaks in Northern England, the Lake District & Peak District

•    Cottages for Relaxing Holidays in the Lake District

•    Peak District Cottage Rentals for Relaxing Breaks

•    Relaxing Holiday Cottages in Northern England


Cottages for Rest & Relaxation in Central and Heart of England

•    Cottage Rentals with Leisure Facilities in the Heart of England

•    Cottages for Relaxing Holidays in the Midlands


Cotswolds Cottages for Relaxing Breaks

•    Cotswolds Cottages for Relaxing Holidays


Relaxing Self-Catering Holidays in Southern England

•    Cottages for Relaxing Holidays in East Anglia

•    Holiday Rentals with Leisure Facilities in the South East of England

•    Relaxing Holidays on South Coast of England

•    West Country Rentals for Relaxing Breaks


Why Choose to Rent a Holiday Cottage in England with Relaxing Leisure Facilities on Offer

Holidays are precious.  They represent the chance to spend quality time and create memories to treasure with friends, family and the ones we love.   Relaxing and unwinding on holiday can be central for enjoying ourselves, letting loose and having a good time.

As luck would have it, there are a number of holiday cottage rentals in England nowadays which have leisure facilities on offer, helping you to de-stress, kick back and enjoy some much needed relaxation on holiday.  

Options include cottage complexes where a number of holiday rentals share access to onsite leisure facilities such as a swimming pool, Jacuzzi sauna and sometimes facilities like tennis courts and games rooms too.

Aside from holiday complexes, some individual holiday homes have leisure facilities on offer, such as private hot tubs or Jacuzzi baths or saunas.  There are also some large holiday rentals ideal for groups which have their own private swimming pool, these tend to be luxurious high end properties, which are often available for short break rentals as well as longer stays.

Whatever type of relaxing holiday would be perfect for you, we hope you find the ideal holiday rental for rest and relaxation on Country Cottages Online.

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