Award Winning Cottages

Booking an award winning cottage can be reassuring.  You can be confident with these cottages that the owners take quality seriously.  May be you are planning a special break away when only the best will do.  5 star and 4 rated accommodation is also often popular.  Do remember that when it comes to awards there are a variety of types.  Some independent owners subscribe to official schemes where they are assessed for their green eco-friendly qualities.  Whereas others sign up to be assessed in terms of customer service and comfort.  For more information and guidance, take a look at our resource section on grading schemes.  The standard awards are Gold, Silver and Green.   Whichever type of cottage you are looking to find, whether you are seeking somewhere truly excellent or are happy to opt for a value cottage it usually pays to do your research.  Personal recommendations can be helpful when it comes to choosing the right accommodation and some find review websites useful.  Whatever you choose we hope you find your ideal cottage quickly and easily on Country Cottages Online and that you have a safe and happy holiday.

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