UK Accessibility Scheme for Rating Self-Catering Properties

The UK has its own official rating scheme for accessibility called the National Accessible Scheme, run by Visit Britain.

Under the National Accessible Scheme properties are assessed for their suitability for people with special access needs for 3 main areas.

Categories in the National Accessible Rating Scheme

•    Mobility Impairments

•    Visual Impairments

•    Hearing Impairments


What do the standards/ratings in the National Accessible Scheme Mean?

Properties can be rated and given awards depending on the standards they meet for certain special access needs.

The standards/ratings that properties can be awarded are as follows:


Mobility Impairment Assessment Standards

M1 – Properties given an M1 rating are suitable for those able to climb stairs but who would find fixtures and fittings such as handrails helpful.
M2 – Cottages given an M2 rating are suitable for people who are part-time wheelchair users and who can walk a bit and negotiate up to 3 steps.
M3I – This award means a property is suitable for a wheelchair user.
M3A – This award is for properties suitable for wheelchair users who need perhaps a hoist and help from a carer.
Access Exceptional – properties achieving this award are suitable for wheelchair users and assisted wheelchair users and also offer additional accessible features.



Visually Impaired Assessments

V1 – Properties achieving this rating have met certain minimum standards for being suitable for visually impaired guests.
V2 – Cottages with this rating have achieved the best practice standard for being suitable for visually impaired guests.


Hearing Impaired Assessments

H1 – Cottages with an H1 rating have met certain standards for those with hearing problems and for those who are deaf.

H2 – Properties meeting the H2 standard have been assessed as meeting best practice standards for guests with hearing impairments and for the deaf.


More information on the National Accessible scheme can be found on Visit Britain’s website.


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