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Our aim is to make it quick and easy for individuals, couples and groups to find what they are looking for on Country Cottages.  Click on the following pages to find country cottages to accommodate the number of people in your group

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Use the Cottage Search assistant to specify occupancy and exactly what you require from your self-catering cottage and it will display the cottages that match your criteria best.

Thankfully there is an array of diverse accommodation available to suit the needs and requirements of different individuals, couples and groups.  Many couples seek romantic country cottages for their self catering holiday whereas groups are more likely to be looking for a large cottage with lots of space and perhaps added extras like cottages with games rooms or pools even.   Whatever your needs and preferences we trust that you will enjoy browsing through our selection of country cottages and self catering accommodation and hope that you find our site quick and easy to use.

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The wide choice of cottages that can be rented means that we are no longer limited to a simple stay in a country cottage, although that can be lovely if you enjoy the countryside, walking and nature. There is a good number of themed cottage holidays available that offer spa treatments, horse riding, art classes and a whole host of other activities.

One group of country cottages in Norfolk offers free use of canoes on the rivers that surround the cottages. Many have bicycles for guests to use on country lanes. There is no longer just the option of choosing a cottage with the right number of bedrooms, the selection is wider, hopefully resulting in a more enjoyable self-catering holiday.


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 For people who do not drive

Find cottages with a bus stop nearby within walking distance for easy sightsieeing on public transport.

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