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Having a pet dog can be a wonderful thing but one drawback is that it can be difficult to find a kennel or somewhere else for him/her to stay in while you are away on holiday. However, things need not be so hard, as your furry friend can join you on your luxury trip away if you choose to stay in an up-market 5 star dog-friendly cottage.

High class self-catering suits dogs

Going on holiday with the ‘other’ member of your family really adds something to the experience. Walks along trails or down beaches are not the same without your dog and you just won’t feel like your family is complete if your pet pooch is made to stay at a kennel or with some friends back home. The same can be said about cosy nights spent inside your cottage. Even though you are staying in luxurious, 5-star surroundings, you will still feel just at home if you are able to cuddle up to your dog on the couch in your cottage and there are plenty of dogs allowed five star cottages where you can do exactly this.

An added bonus of staying in self-catered accommodation is that you have your own kitchen in which you can prepare meals for everyone in. Not only does this mean that you can save money on expensive meals at restaurants that you would have to visit if you were staying in a hotel or B&B, it also means that you need not leave your pet pooch alone (and he/she can also enjoy whatever leftovers are left!). Why not stay in a high quality self-catered cottage in somewhere like Hampshire or Yorkshire and make use of the fantastic local produce that is available? When it comes to food markets and famers markets, the UK and Ireland really is second to none.

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Another advantage of staying in a luxury self-catered cottage in the UK and Ireland is the stunning nature and beautiful surroundings that is guaranteed no matter where out in the country you choose to stay. Your furry friend is sure to love a change of scenery and will look forward to joining you on your morning strolls and sunset walks. Anywhere near a national park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is simply ideal, as these parts of the UK and Ireland have been protected in order to maintain their natural beauty. England for example is home to a total of 10 national parks including both the Peak and Lake District in the North and the New Forest and Exmoor in the South. Added to this are 33 AONBs in England while the other British Isles are also home to a great number of diverse National Parks and AONBs. Take your dog for a luxury break to such a stunning area and your dog is sure to never want to go home!

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A touch of pampering for holidaymakers and their dogs in high class country cottages

Even if you don’t feel like venturing too far from your cottage, both you, your fellow guests and your pet pooch are all sure to have plenty to do in your luxurious surroundings. Pools, Jacuzzis, gardens and games rooms are just some of the things you can expect from your dog-friendly, quality cottage.

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Staying in a 5-star or luxury self-catered cottage during your holidays is a great treat for you and your loved ones but staying in a dog-friendly luxury cottage means that your extra member of the family can make use of the luxurious conditions too. Have a look at our quality cottages located all over the UK and Ireland and look forward to a holiday away that no member of the family need miss!

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