Self-catering cottage holidays for pensioners

Private holiday cottages offer elderly people the peace and quiet that they enjoy. Gone are the days of looking after children and lively grandchildren, they were all necessary and pleasurable in their time but as people age, they tend to avoid noise, stress and other people’s demands. Health may not be as reliable as it was in younger years and elderly people grow tired more quickly. There is no one to comment about an afternoon nap in a holiday cottage, or if anyone goes to bed with the cows and rises with the larks. This is the golden age for personal freedom and relaxation.

A good standard of self-catering cottage in the UK for pensioners

Self-catering accommodation in the UK is generally very good. Naturally, the more expensive the holiday let, the more spacious, attractive and comfortable. Most pensioners have different requirements of a holiday home than younger people. Keeping up with technology may be a challenge for some so that the most advanced appliances may prove to be too much of a hurdle. Simple is always better in a holiday home, an easy to operate cooker, oven, microwave and dishwasher is appreciated; just clear buttons to press are best. No one wants to waste time reading manuals.

Beds in holiday cottages

Beds may be another issue. Hard or soft mattresses are a personal preference at any age. Twin beds may be the more popular choice with the elderly, or even separate bedrooms, especially if a partner snores.

Bathrooms adapted for elderly and disabled people

It can be useful to have both a bath and a walk-in shower. Older people become less nimble with age and a shower over a bath may be a hurdle too far. Non-slip bath mats are prerequisite in accommodation for pensioners. Fitter and slimmer elderly people may still enjoy a bath but this can be a bit riskier for the rotund and weaker ones who do not have the strength to haul themselves up. Grab bars are helpful.

The type of flooring may also be something to consider if mobility aids are used. Rugs can be trip hazards for anyone walking with a frame.

There are groups of self-catering cottages where the accommodation is tailored to holidays for the elderly.

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