Pet-friendly holiday lets in the Lake District

Grasmere in Cumbria - a dog friendly Lake District town

The Lake District is teeming with life…from the chorus of the birds, carp sucking amongst the lily-pads and dragon flies showing off their rich emeralds and blues. Look how the ducks glide upon the water, can you spot the mother and her young family a little further up? Notice her maternal eye fixed firmly on her brood, the ducklings floating behind, like bobbing corks. The ideal setting for a pet-friendly holiday let in the lake district…but there is one set back, the cat! Who will look after her? Bring her with you…It is a misconception that dogs are the only pets accepted in holiday lets. If your cat is a Persian, a house moggie or one that rarely strays further than the back yard, she would probably love a change of scenery. Do check with the accommodation owner first. Dog friendly holiday cottages are used to accepting just dogs but there is no real reason why a well-behaved cat could not come on holiday with you.

Cumbrian holiday homes where pets can stay

dog friendly holiday homes lake districtDogs or house cats, every animal lover wants to bring their pet on holiday. Self-catering accommodation in the Lake District is the way to do it. Obviously, you will want to keep your pet safe and that usually means confined unless they are out on a lead. With a dog, it is sensible to book accommodation that has a completely enclosed back garden that the animal cannot escape from. During the day, you can trawl the paths around the lakes or over the fells. Holidaymakers visiting lakes such as Coniston often allow their pets off lead and to take a swim. It is safer to keep dogs on lead in the countryside where sheep dot the meadows, and there are lots of sheep in the Lake District.

If you have booked a Cumbrian dogs welcome lodge, you have the privacy of your own holiday home to greet you after a long day out. You may have eaten a hearty lunch at a pub and may wish to prepare only a snack once you get back. All you have to do is to go as far as your refrigerator and rustle up something quick then enjoy it with your favourite drink. A self-catering break is best enjoyed with a partner or friends for company. As much as you love your dog, most of us need some human conversation and companionship on holiday.

Now, how about taking Kitty on holiday?

Kitty has allowed you to enjoy her company, she has gone to a lot of trouble to turn you into the perfect owner. Notice how you have been trained (by her) to buy only a certain brand of food and the way you have been guided (by those purrs) to stroke that sultry body in those exact places which aid contentment. How many times have you spotted her snoozing in your suitcase when you have been planning to go away? This is a subtle hint to say “please don’t leave me behind, take me with you”. She may become exceptionally clingy when she senses you are leaving, following you everywhere, winding in and out of your legs, demanding a lot of attention. Kitty doesn’t want you to go, she has grown very fond of her two- legged friend. Unless your beloved pet has a bad habit of clawing at furniture, there is very little reason to leave her behind.

Pet Friendly Holiday Lets in the Lake District keep you and your pet together…no more tears as you hand puss over to a cramped cattery. Your puddy cat has a lovely way of making you smile so why does she have to stay behind?

Helping pets settle into a new holiday home in the Lakes

Now for a little amusement. Let’s look at some of the things you could do to help settle Kitty in. Some of these may work with a dog too.

The Paw…Puss Game:  Cut open an empty cereal box…use this as a base on which to attach used toilet rolls, empty yogurt pots and kitchen rolls. Cut the tubes into varying lengths, pop one or two kitty treats into each one…and watch the fun begin!

Snakes and Ladders: Yep, when you are on holiday no trip would be complete without a game of snakes and ladders. So… find a piece of string and start replicating that snake. The stairs are your ladders so go run…that python is slithering behind you! Watch kitty leap on snakes in the Lake District!

kitty on holidayAngling? Your cat will love a spot of fishing and there are plenty of fish in the Lake District…only difference is the lake is now surrounded by plastic! Reach for the washing up bowl, fill it with water and pop in a few ping pong balls. Swish them about and watch kitty try to hook them onto her talons. You should get some good footage on the video camera with this fun holiday activity!

The Great Outdoors: If your cat likes to stretch her legs, why not take her for a stroll? Pop on a harness/lead and she can roam with you. If she is uncomfortable with a harness why not pack a temporary run or cat enclosure? They are completely portable and fit neatly into the boot of the car. A great way for kitty to enjoy her new environment but in a safe and secure way.  Your cat will be able to rest, exercise and take in some fresh air just as she would at home.

Pamper Day: Yep, holiday time is about pampering so why not treat your little Prince or Princess to a spot of grooming? The emphasis is on relaxation… no stress…so if your cat hates the sight of a brush, it is time to lower those anxieties for both of you. A nice cup of tea should do the trick…chamomile made from dried chamomile flowers has been used for centuries to enhance relaxation and aid restful sleep. It also works in a very similar way on your cat. Studies have shown that chamomile flowers can calm a cat’s brain and nervous system in much the same way as it does with humans. When the chill factor has kicked in…run that brush ever so softly down kitty’s coat, carefully untangling those tighter knots with your fingers, working ever so gently to ease them out… so gently, your cat will not feel a thing and those fur balls will become a distant memory…

Finally…be sure to place one of your old jumpers on the bed, chair or corner of the room so as kitty can sense your presence all around her…no doubt she will have settled in nicely by now and will be snoozing away in a state of sweet contentment! Happy holidays!

Not the Lake District?

If you are still undecided about which national park to head for, check out pets welcome holiday cottages in all national parks across Britain.

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