Book a holiday cottage with a lovely views of the countryside in the Peak District

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Why do people take holidays in the Peak District?  It depends on personal interests. One of the best places to go cycling with the family is the Peak District, not only because of its safe traffic free cycle paths but also because of the fabulous views whilst cycling, the masses of wild flowers and butterflies. It reminds us of rural England as it used to be. Your stay could be enhanced by renting a cottage that looks out onto the countryside.

See Peak District rural cottages with lovely views

Walkers, climbers and hang gliders also find numerous ways to satisfy their sporting desires in the Peak District. There are crags to jump off of, climb up and also plenty of pleasant undemanding walks through stunning countryside.

The villages of the Peak District all have their own attractions, whether it is the chance to get off the beaten track as in the southern White Peak section of the national park, in villages such as Longnor, Elkstone, or hamlets like Hardings Booth where cows and sheep outnumber people.

The busier places that are popular with tourists en-masse such as Castleton, Bakewell, Matlock and Buxton attract a different clientele that is coming to see the natural beauty but also to enjoy the pubs, tea shops and visitor attractions.

Enjoy the views from your holiday cottage window

Peak District cottage with rural viewsOne of the greatest things about going on a self-catering break is enjoying a property that may be very different from your own home. It might feature things that you’d always love to have such as an en suite bathroom, a garden with a trampoline in it or wood burner in the living room. One such feature that you might love to have when on holiday to the Peak District, is a place that has incredible rural views.

Sitting in the charming kitchen of your holiday home and looking out the window across sweeping views of rolling green fields, trickling rivers and canals and moorland plateaus will invigorate your soul, especially if back at home you live in the city and don’t get to see the countryside often. Walking outside and breathing in the fresh country air before embarking on a hike on one of the Peak District’s many walking paths is a great way to start the day here, and relaxing in your comfortable and cosy cottage after a day of exploring will make your days even more rewarding.

The Peak District is a stunning area that lovers of the outdoors and nature will really embrace. If you’re not so keen on walking however and just want to rest in a beautiful setting, then choosing to stay in a property with gorgeous rural views will be perfect for you. You can sit outside with breakfast and a good book taking in the views in front of you, and completely unwind.

Having lovely rural views outside the windows of your Peak District holiday cottage will inspire you and make you feel excited about exploring your new surroundings. Whether you’re here with your dog who will enjoy going on long rambles with you, or you’re with your partner to relax on a romantic break, this feature will be one you’ll all love.


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