'Pawfect' Packing Tips for your Dog Friendly Holiday

Dog ready to holidayPlanning your trip away with your dog?  Read our helpful packing tips to ensure you and your pooch have a great self-catering holiday together in the UK.

If you haven’t been away with your pooch before, having a checklist to follow can be a godsend.  Even if you are a seasoned traveller with your pooch, having a guide can be useful.

Our 'Pawfect' Packing Tips include

•    Prepare a doggy holiday checklist

•    Pack your pet’s favourite foods

•    Take a few of your pet’s familiar things on holiday

•    Check out the property before letting your pooch loose

•    Let your pet settle in and enjoy a good short walk together



•    Prepare a Doggy Checklist.

Before you pack make a list of all the things your dog may need and tick off as you pack. A separate bag for your dog is a good idea so you know everything is in one place and easy to find.

•    Take your Pet's Favourite Foods with you

Take all the food your doggy will need for the whole of your stay. You may not be able to get your usual brand where you are going and a change in diet can lead to an unhappy dog or an upset tummy. Neither of which you want to deal with on your long awaited break!

•    Take your Pet's Familiar Things

Take your dogs own bedding, blankets, toys and eating and drinking bowls. Having these familiar items around them will help your pooch to settle more quickly and feel confident and happy in their new surroundings.

•    Check Out the Property

On arrival make sure the property you are staying at is safe and secure. Do a quick check round making sure there is nothing your dog is likely to injure himself on or any areas of the garden he may escape from.

•    Help your Dog Feel Settled

Once you are happy it is safe for him to do so let your dog explore his new surroundings and get comfortable. Place his bed and toys somewhere near the rest of the family to help him settle in and feel safe. Take him on a good walk soon after your arrival so he can explore the surrounding area and recover from the long journey.

Following our packing tips can help ensure you and your hound have a great break together.  If you need more hints and tips we recommend you read our guide to happy holidays with your pet.

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