Off Grid Holiday Inspiration

Thinking of booking an off-grid holiday in the UK? Off-grid means different things to different people.  For some, it means escaping from the beaten path to a rural retreat or remote destination.  For others, it means staying in eco-friendly holiday accommodation where sustainability is key.  Whatever you have in mind exactly, let us inspire you with some amazing choices.


Why Go Off-Grid on Holiday

If you want to truly escape from the demands of modern living to a more tranquil way of being for a week or may be more, you may want to book an off-grid, remote escape.

In everyday life, more and more people are discovering the simple pleasures of growing our own food, being more sustainable in our way of living, and the health and wellbeing benefits of being immersed in nature.  Tranquillity and nature can be quite healing, so it’s natural for many to want to seek it out and reconnect with their inner peace.  Remote escapes can be ideal for immersing yourself in nature; whether it’s listening to the sound of bird song without the throng of traffic, listening to the wind whistle through the trees or enjoying walks along deserted beaches, for many, this reconnection with nature is good for the soul.

Some people may even want to book holiday accommodation without a TV or internet connection for a truly tranquil break.


Remote cottage breaks 

For holidaymakers who just want to escape, yet want the comforts associated with modern living on a cottage break, a remote cottage break could be the perfect choice.  From the wilds of Scotland to the mountains of Wales, unspoilt Ireland and the lesser known parts of England, discover far-off cottage escapes across the UK.

Remote cottage breaks



Hidden Eco-Friendly Retreats

Want to book a rural retreat or secluded cottage with eco-friendly credentials.  Enjoy browsing through our selection of eco-friendly secluded retreats where you can enjoy hiding away plus feeling good that you are doing your bit for the environment on holiday.

Secluded eco-friendly cottages



Green Award Winning Accommodation

If you want recognised eco-friendly accommodation, which has been accredited for its sustainability policies, then you may want to rent green award winning accommodation.  The cottages, lodges and barns in the UK with a green award are often in secluded or rural settings too, so you can truly escape and unwind on holiday.

Green award winning cottages


Whatever type of off-grid holiday you are dreaming of.  We hope you find the perfect rental for your break away from it all.

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