Large Country Houses, Manors and Mansions for Corporate Events

Corporate eventSearching for a large country house to rent for a corporate event in the UK?  Country houses, mansions and manors can be great for company events.  Some feature large functions rooms, ideal for work dos, and most feature large grounds which can be great for team building exercises outdoors or breakout spaces outdoors.


Where in the UK do you want to rent a Country House for a Corporate Event?

Whether you want to rent a country house in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland, we feature a great choice of rentals for you to choose from.



Why Rent a Large Country House for a Corporate Event

Large country houses or mansions can be appealing options for corporate events.  Being large and spacious, most of these manors and mansions have large dining rooms which can be easily used for corporate events.  These sizeable properties also offer the advantage of spacious sociable living spaces such as drawing rooms where colleagues can enjoy break out spaces.

Then, there are the large gardens which can make country houses, mansions and manors a real winner for corporate events.  Many team building exercise (particularly the fun ones) can involve pursuits outdoors so require a large garden or grounds, and many of these large properties fit the bill in this regard.



Large Country House Rentals with a Function Room for Corporate Events and Team Building

As mentioned above, most large country houses and mansions will feature large dining rooms which can seat large numbers and be suitable for corporate events.  However, if you specifically want a property with a function room, then see below.

Large Country House Rentals with a Function Room


Find more ideas on Big houses to rent for corporate events.  We hope that you find a suitable country house for your corporate event.

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