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The rural hamlet of Lettermullen is set on an island off the coast of Connemara in County Galway, western Ireland. If you are looking to take a remote self-catering break away then a holiday in this area of Ireland could be your best choice.

About Cottage Breaks in Lettermullen

This unique island is in good company as there are couple of other islands close by to Lettermullen including Gorumna and Lettermore, as well as the archipelago known as Ceantar na nOilean.  Lettermullen is the furthest from the coast of Galway Bay. Because of this, the island is more exciting to visit as you will feel like you are escaping to isolation and planning a self-catering break in Lettermullen could be a perfect romantic getaway for you and your loved one.

Interestingly, Irish is the most spoken language on the island which in turn, means that its official name is actually Leittir Meallain, and not Lettermullen, the Anglicised version. Leittir Meadllain means ‘Mealláin's rough hillside’ and there are plenty of rugged and craggy hills and cliffs to wander along, soaking up the unique atmosphere of this Irish island. Walkers will love taking in the spectacular views while strolling along the coastline, and photographers will adore the backdrops which make picture-perfect postcard images.

Naturally, water surrounds all sides of Lettermullen making this an inspirational place for cottage holiday.  As it is possible to catch a boat to reach the island, there are lots of other activities on the sea such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing and swimming which are wonderful for those who love the ocean. All of the islands off the western coast of Galway Bay are in fact connected by roads and bridges, and so it is perfectly possible to drive to Lettermullen as well, for those who don’t have the best sea legs!

Lettermullen is home to a fantastic heritage centre which houses some brilliantly unique artefacts and collections in great displays from the area of Connemara. Having only opened in June 2009, the centre also features exhibits of old books, newspapers and magazines in both English and Irish, as well as photograph collections of families who used to live on the island and instruments and tools which were once used by these people in trades such as farming and carpentry, providing a truly fascinating insight into the history and culture of Lettermullen and County Galway in general. Admission is free and taking a trip here if on a visit to the island is a fabulous idea if you are interested in unique Irish history.

Lettermullen is rugged and beautiful, and has its own quaint charm and character about it.  For those who want to get away from it all, a cottage holiday could be ideal.  Alternatively for just a taste, visiting the island on a day trip from another part of Galway is a great way to travel on the road less travelled. Ideal for remote cottage holidays, a stay in this part of Ireland could also be ideal for romantic or pet-friendly holidays.

Whether you choose to book a holiday cottage in Lettermullen, an apartment, a lodge or another type of self-catering holiday accommodation, we hope you have your best holiday yet in Galway.

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