Family Cottages with Entertainment Features

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Looking for a family self-catering holiday to rent where you can keep the kids entertained?  Country Cottages Online features a great selection of child-friendly cottage rentals with entertainment features, from log cabins to large country houses for big family get togethers.


Family-Friendly Holidays with a Cinema Room

If you’re a family of movie buffs, renting a holiday house with a cinema room could be the perfect option for keeping your brood happy and amused on holiday.  Don’t forgot to pack the popcorn and a few big bags of sweets for the complete cinema style experience to enjoy at your rented holiday home.

Family Cottage Rentals with a Movie Room


Family Self-Catering Properties with a Games Console

Very popular with families with teenagers, renting a holiday home with a computer games console can keep young adults (plus some adults too!) entertained for hours on end.  Whether you rent a holiday home with a Wii, a Playstation or an X-box, playing computer games on holiday can make for a fun time for teenage children and parents alike.

Family Cottages with a Computer Games Console


Family Holiday Houses with a Games Room

Whether you’re holidaying with young kids, teenagers or with grown-up extended family, who doesn’t love a bit of competitive spirit along with fun and games on a break away?  Facilities at holiday homes with a games room range from properties with a pool table to rentals with table tennis or table football.  

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Child-Friendly Cottages with Sky TV

Whether it’s you or the kids that love to watch Sky TV and get square eyes, rent a holiday home with a Sky TV package available and you can enjoy endless hours of relaxing entertainment on a break away.  Remember Sky TV packages can vary; from the full Sky TV package to just Sky Sports, Sky Movies or a very basic Sky package so always make sure your chosen holiday rental has the right facilities for you before booking.

Browse family cottages with Sky TV

Whether you’re searching for a child-friendly property with Sky TV or a holiday house with games room, we feature an exciting choice of family-friendly holiday homes with facilities to keep the children (plus the adults too!) entertained on a break away.  Whatever type of holiday home you opt to rent for a break with your brood, we hope you find the perfect cottage rental to divert you and your kids on your family getaway.

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