Dog-friendly pine lodge holidays in southern Scotland

dogs welcome pine lodge holidays scotland

Trying to choose your accommodation for a holiday in Southern Scotland can be trying, there are numerous options to choose from, from holiday cottages by the coast to caravan parks, but one option that is increasing in popularity in recent years is opting to stay in a pine lodge. These are also extremely popular with pet owners looking to take their dogs away on holiday with them, as many of these lodges are extremely pet friendly, and even come with features to make holidaying with your dog a lot easier.

Find pets welcome pine lodge holidays in the southern regions of Scotland

Dog-friendly pine lodge breaks in the Scottish borders

Dogs welcome pine lodges to rent in Dumfries and Galloway southwest Scotland


dog-friendly pine lodges for self-catering holidays in SCotlandWhy choose Southern Scotland for a dog-friendly pine lodge holiday?

Divided into three main areas, The Borders, Dumfries and Galloway and Ayrshire, Southern Scotland makes a wonderful holiday destination for those who love breath-taking scenery and want something a little more relaxing while on holiday than the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh. While not a traditional tourist hotspot, Southern Scotland has plenty to offer those that visit, by way of rivers, rolling hills and small towns steeped in history. Providing that you have the weather for it, you can even visit beaches while you are away in Southern Scotland, making it popular with dog walkers and families alike, as there is plenty to do to let the dogs and kids blow off steam. For those that want to explore while they are away, there is nothing like exploring the medieval castles of Dumfries and Galloway, the dark sky Galloway Forest Park, and you never know, you might even learn something too! 


Why Pine Lodges?

There is no denying that staying in a pine lodge will really set your holiday apart from any that you have had before. Pine lodges are stunning, and tend to have a distinctive look that you will not find with just any old holiday cottage. They are often lots more roomy than they look and can accommodate a large number of people, making group or family holidays nice and easy without everyone feeling as though they are living on top of each other. Often these wooden holiday buildings fit in beautifully with surrounding landscapes, helping you to feel a little bit more in touch with nature, which is always an advantage when you are staying somewhere as scenic as Southern Scotland. Dogs like the feel of wood under their paws. Choose a luxurious pine lodge and you may find under-floor heating which is delightful for both paws and bare feet.


What Are The Advantages Of Staying Somewhere Dog Friendly?

Obviously, if you are wanting to take your dog away on holiday with you, it is important that you stay somewhere suitable for pets – you do not want the owner turning up and finding that you smuggled your dog in, so it is essential that you check that the holiday cottage that you are interested in allows dogs to stay there before you commit to the booking. Also, always confirm the number of dogs that you plan to bring and the breed.


pine lodge breaks for dog friendly holidays in scotlandPine lodge owners who allow pets in their holiday cottages tend to have kept this in mind when they are designing their accommodation. This means that these lodges have plenty of small but significant features that make it easier to go on holiday with your dog and leave you with a lot less stress and worry. These include things such as hard floors, meaning that you can easily wipe away muddy paw prints or little accidents instead of these soaking into the carpet. Something as insignificant as flooring choices really does take the pressure off on your holiday, meaning that you are not constantly watching for dirt or having to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the floor in the eventualities that there are any accidents. Cleaning utensils are always provided in self-catering accommodation.

If the pine lodge that you are interested in has an upper level, with bedrooms for example, it may also have a stair gate too. While this is brilliant for families with young children, they are also wonderful for dog owners too, keeping dogs from going upstairs if you are not with them where they may nose through your suitcase, get fur all over the bed or carpet or end up drinking the toilet water – you know what dogs are like! Even if you do not have a stair gate at home and your dog is well behaved, they can still be useful when on holiday as a change of environment can often mean all rules go out of the window – it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to minimising the stress or problems that can come with holidaying with a dog.

These are extremely small advantages of staying in a dog friendly pine lodge in Southern Scotland and it goes without saying that there are plenty more advantages of this type of accommodation, whether you have pets or not. If you are looking to stay in stunning lodgings in beautiful scenery with lots of different activities to do, look into staying in a pine lodge when taking your dog away with you to Scotland, you will be amazed at the memories you can create by staying in such luxurious accommodation and by the vast range of things to do nearby – just because it is not sunny Spain, does not make Scotland any less of a wonderful holiday destination.

dog friendly self-catering lodges in scotland

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