Cottages for Birdwatchers

PuffinLooking for a cottage for your birdwatching holiday?  All keen twitchers will want to find a comfortable nest or home from home from which they can enjoy a birding holiday.

If you’re a serious birdwatcher you may want to rent:

Types of Birds to Spot on a Cottage Holiday

The UK is home to a rich diversity of bird life.  Common birds like swans, ducks and geese can be found in many of the UK’s parks and by waterways.  Holiday in a tranquil location and you may be lucky enough to spot common garden birds like finches, sparrows, robins and amazing gold-finches on holiday.

See a Variety of Birds when you Holiday near a RSPB Nature Reserve

Holiday close to a RSPB reserve though and you may be able to see a variety of birds in their hundreds; a spectacular sight!  There are also parts of Wales and Scotland which you can visit to enjoy watching beautiful colourful feathered friends like puffins or regal sea eagles. 

When preparing for a birdwatching holiday, remember to pack your binoculars and your camera too!
Wherever you choose to stay for your birding holiday, we hope you find the perfect holiday cottage on Country Cottages Online.
Places to Birdwatch for Puffins on holiday
Places to Birdwatch for Eagles on holiday

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