Best Destinations for Wildlife Watching Seals on Holiday

Seal pupAdore Britain's wildlife and want to take a self-catering holiday where you can see seals on a break away?  Then read on for Country Cottages Online's hints tips and ideas on where to discover some of the UK's best destinations for seal-watching.  

Britain is home to Atlantic grey seals, as well as common seals.  Pupping season is usually from mid September and can last as long as in to January.


Top Destinations for Seal Watching in the UK include:


More Seals than Resident Humans in Orkney!

There are believed to be around 25,000 seals in the Orkney Isles and resident populations include both the common seals and grey seals.  Compare that to the number of humans who live on the islands; around 21,000 and you get a feel for how unpopulated and unspoilt this part of Scotland is and how good your chances of seeing seals on holiday are!

In fact Orkney is home to around 15% of all  of the world's seals, making Orkney a top choice for seal watching.

Some of the best spots recommended by locals for seeing seals are the Brough of Birsay as well as South Ronaldsay, Rousay and other unpopulated more remote isles.

The best time of year to go seal watching to see the pups is from October to December but bear in mind that weather can be poor at this time of year, so for a more enjoyable seal watching experience in terms of better weather and more likelihood of sunshine, summer may be preferable.


Skomer Island Pembrokeshire

See Seals Just 1 Mile from the Pembrokeshire Coast

See Puffins on HolidayProtected by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, Skomer lies just one mile from the Pembrokeshire coastline and is a wonderful place to see Atlantic Grey seals plus numerous birds such as Puffins, as well as wild flowers in season.

Boat trips can be booked to Skomer island and run from the 1st of April to September.  For calmer seas, a summer trip may be best, but may be busier in terms of visitor numbers.



Blakeney Point in Norfolk

England's biggest population of seals is found in Norfolk, close to Blakeney Point where both common and grey seals can be seen close to the Blakeney National Nature Reserve.

Seal at Blakeney PointPups can be seen between November and January.

The best way to see seals around Blakeney Point is to book a boat trip, the National Trust have a list of recognised boat trip providers.  We recommended checking with boat trip providers re which months they plan to have trips running before booking your seal watching break.

As animal lovers and keen wildlife watchers will appreciate, taking care of the environment and protecting these wonderful creatures is paramount, so be sure to leave only footprints and take away only wonderful memories on your seal-watching break.


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