Holiday Cottages for Alfresco Living on Holiday

Alfresco living on holiday

Searching for a holiday cottage to rent with facilities for alfresco living on holiday?  When it comes to making the most of the Great British summertime on holiday, it can make perfect sense to book a rental with features such as a patio, balcony, rooftop terrace, firepit, BBQ or a garden, where you can live the alfresco lifestyle on your break away.  Find ideas and inspiration on Country Cottages Online.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors on Holiday

When it comes to making the most of good summer weather, holidays offer one of the best opportunities to take it easy and enjoy sociable times with your nearest and dearest outdoors.  Most of us love to sit out and bask in the sun when it’s shining, and enjoy alfresco living with friends and family.  


What kind of Alfresco Living Do You Want to Enjoy on Holiday?

Firepit for toasting marshmallows on holidayCottages with a Barbeque or a Firepit

BBQs can be great for sociable cooking and dining outdoors, whilst a firepit offers a similar vibe and it can be great to sit around and connect with your nearest and dearest on holiday.

Whether you want to grill burgers or enjoy toasting marshmallows, renting a holiday home with a barbeque or a firepit, means you will have the chance to cook some tasty things to eat whilst chatting and relaxing outdoors with friends and family and making the most of those long balmy summer evenings.  Some holiday homes even have access to Nordic style BBQ huts nowadays.

Cottages with a BBQ

Cottages with a firepit


Cottage balcony with garden views
Holiday Homes with Outdoor Space

When it comes to making the most of warm summer days and evenings, you really want to have ample outdoor space available to enjoy good times with friends and family.  Take a good look at photos before booking to make sure any holiday rentals of interest offer the sort of outdoor spaces and outdoor dining areas that you have in mind.

Depending on the needs and preferences with your group, if you like things smart and tidy, you may prefer to rent a holiday rental with a patio, a balcony or a rooftop terrace, or if you love to immerse yourself amongst greenery then renting a holiday home with its own garden makes perfect sense.

Cottages with a patio garden

Cottages with a balcony

Cottages with a rooftop terrace



Relax with an outdoor pool on holidayRentals with that touch of Luxury for Alfresco Living

If you want to live life to the max whilst on holiday, you may want to rent a holiday home with those added extras that can make a holiday particularly enjoyable or memorable.  Popular choices include renting a holiday home with an outdoor hot tub where you can immerse yourself in bubbles whilst enjoying the feel of bathing outdoors.  Another popular choice are holiday homes with an outdoor pool, for refreshing swims and morning dips.

Cottages with an outdoor hot tub

Cottages with an outdoor swimming pool


Whatever type of holiday home with outdoor space you opt to rent, and whatever feature you need to find; whether a BBQ, firepit or other facility, we hope you find the perfect cottage to rent where you can enjoy alfresco living to the max on Country Cottages Online.

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