Self-catering cottages with traditional decor

holiday cottages with antique furnishingsIf you prefer traditional décor with perhaps a few pieces of fine antique furniture, inglenooks, flagged or wooden floors, exposed oak beams, ornate plasterwork, roll tops baths and similar features, then you might like this selection of self-catering holiday cottages furnished with antiques:


Period holiday cottages

 Naturally, one would expect a period holiday cottage and certainly a listed cottage to have interior décor that complements its age and history. Some people revel in the charm of high quality antiquities and love to be surrounded by them on holiday even if they do not have them in their own homes.

Holidays are intended to bring pleasure and people should spend their hard-earned cash in a way that they personally find satisfying. If you would like to rent a Grade II listed holiday cottage with furniture and fittings that reflect its period, then why not?

Holiday cottages with beautiful furnishings

Craftsmen of old made furniture and furnshings with a great deal of skill and pride. In these days of mass manufacture, we value on unique domestic works of art. It doesn't matter if it is a carved cupboard, a table inlaid with a marquetry pattern, a classic piece by a renowned cabinet maker or an arts and crafts kettle - we can admire its artistry. In the ideal world, we would all prefer to be surrounded by beautiful objects and even if that is not possible everyday - stay in an award-winning period cottage and enjoy it for a week or two.

pretty colour-washed holiday cottages in Stoke by Clare in SuffolkWhere to find the most period holiday cottages in England

Suffolk is one county that has village after village of historic holiday cottages that are a joy to behold. This part of East Anglia grew wealthy on the wood trade in the 17th and 18th centuries and its proceeds remain evident in its fine timber-framed houses and handsome churches. There are more historic churches in Suffolk than in any other county and the same is likely to apply to holiday cottages. Visit any Suffolk village and you will see colourfully painted cottages and half-timbered houses with an overhang on the first floor, either in terraces or individually in the high streets.

Thatched Holiday Cottages

A large number of period rural cottages feature a thatched roof and this type of cottage was often a farmhouse or farm worker's cottage in a bygone age. There are thatched farm cottages all over southern England and other good places to look for a thatched holiday cottages is the Isle of Wight or the West Country, both mainly rural areas.


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