Luxury 4 and 5 star holiday cottages in Cornwall

luxurious 5 star holiday cottages Cornwall

It is truly gratifying to step into a holiday cottage that we have booked in Cornwall and to feel that sense of admiration and satisfaction when we like what we see.  Ideally, everyone of us would like to stay in the very best holiday cottages that money can buy, however, our desires are usually tempered by budget and what is available.


Luxury with possibly a sea view of the Cornish coast

Other factors that may please or displease are the period and style of the building, the setting and outlook. It is absolutely divine to spend a holiday in a property that looks out over the sea. Some of the best ones have incorporated a balcony to take in the views, but these are sadly rare. Often, a sea view means that it is possible to catch a glimpse of blue from an upstairs bedroom.

What do you expect from a luxurious holiday home in Cornwall

Luxury holiday homes are also defined by their additional leisure features; a swimming pool, a sauna or hot tub.  One would expect the property to be elegant or at least beautifully kitted out. Styles of décor also depend on personal taste, it could be minimalist, clean and modern or charmingly period and full of antiques. It all depends on your personal preferences and expectations. It is important to take a good look at any photographs of possible cottages before you decide and think whether you will be happy staying there.

Get down to the nitty gritty

It is useful to sit down and make a list of essential items and facilities that you expect during your holiday in Cornwall. If a coffee maker is high on your list, make sire that cottages with one make your shortlist.

Make a tick list for your ideal Cornish holiday cottage

Use a Search Facility to tick your essential requirements. It could be that a cottage close to a beach in Cornwall is your first requirement or perhaps one set in a remote rural area. We are all different and have our own personal expectations. We hope that we will be able to satisfy some of them at Country Cottages Online.


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