Self-Catering Holidays With A Dog In The Pembrokeshire National Park

There’s definitely something to be said for holidaying in the UK. The weather can let it down sometimes, but there is no denying that Great Britain can be extremely beautiful and the perfect place for people wanting to get away, without having all that waiting time in the airport or having to deal with passport control. Dog owners find it far easier to holiday in the UK than to make arrangements for their pets whilst they are away. Britain is superb for dog-friendly accommodation, there is a large choice in some of the most stunning coastal regions. One place that is often very appealing for a holiday in Great Britain is the Pembrokeshire National Park in West Wales.

Pembrokeshire is well known for its beautiful beaches and scenery, making it a popular holiday spot for those wanting to escape city life and take a little break to the country. It is an amazing destination regardless of whether you have pets or not, but if you’re looking to take your dog away with you, the Pembrokeshire national park has a lot to offer by the way of stunning expanses and country walks, so that you and your furry friend can walk to your hearts content.

Pembrokeshire coastal path

Why Is a Dog-friendly Self-Catering Cottage Right For Me?

pet friendly cottage pembrokeshire coastSelf-Catering accommodation appeals to lots of different people for lots of different reasons, but this type of accommodation can suit dog owners down to the ground. It is a good and very flexible option for those looking to be able to take their holiday as it comes, without any time constraints holding them back. With a self-catering cottage, you don’t have to worry about fitting your plans in around any set mealtimes and curfews as the nature of this accommodation leaves you free to come and go as you please.

For dog owners in particular,  opting for a self-catering cottage in Pembrokeshire national park can help to make your holiday that little bit more relaxing. Self-Catering cottages generally tend to come with gardens or yards, which, along with being very pretty and a lovely extra feature are extremely practical too. Having a private garden or yard attached to your cottage means that, if you want to have a lazy, relaxing day and don’t fancy hiking up some of the cliffs that Pembrokeshire has to offer, you can simply let your dog out into the garden or yard to do their business and have a run about. This option means that you aren’t obligated to be hiking around to ensure that your dog can get the exercise it needs and go to the toilet, letting you enjoy your holiday too without feeling guilty about the dog not spending enough time outdoors.

On top of having yards or gardens, self-catering cottages the in Pembrokeshire National Park have many other features that help make them perfect for dog owners to stay in. This includes things such as utility rooms, which are perfect for storing those extras that your dog needs (such as food and leads) out of the way – stopping the rest of the house feeling cluttered. Some self-catering cottages boast porches, perfect for ditching those muddy wellies and cleaning filthy paws before you go into the house, preventing dirt being trodden all around, while others will have stair gates to prevent your furry friend going into areas of the house you don’t want them to if you aren’t with them. These are just a few of the features that help to make self-catering holiday cottages that little more easy with a dog in tow.

Many of the cottage owners in the Pembrokeshire National Park are dog lovers themselves, with most having dogs of their own. This means that the cottages tend to have been furnished not only with comfort and style in mind, but also dog friendliness too. The sofas for example tend to be solid and durable, often with protective throws, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your dog jumping all over them when it’s inevitably wet and muddy. There may be a lack of knick knacks and things lying around as owners know that one wag of a dog’s tail and they’ll be gone – ensuring that you don’t have to worry about things being broken and you having to pay an extra premium. Owners of these cottages are very understanding and know that life with a dog can be a little unpredictable at times to say the least. In addition, the owners may also be able to suggest some dog friendly places to visit including bars, restaurants and cafes, meaning that you don’t have to abandon your pet in a strange place if you’re wanting to go out and do something either.

There is no scrimping on luxury when it comes to staying in a self-catering cottage in the Pembrokeshire National Park, so whether it is the breath-taking welsh beaches, the gorgeous coastal paths or simply the chance to escape the hustle and bustle that you are after, you can rest assured that if you book a cottage, you will have the most relaxing holiday of your life, whether that’s curling up by the fire with your furry friend or letting them run along the beach as you stroll behind.

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