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Bonfire Night - 5th November

The month of November is mainly associated with bonfires and firework displays, celebrating  Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night on the 5th of November.  Nowadays, many firework displays are held on the nearest Saturday to the 5th of November for convenience. 

Often, a festival associated with children, the celebration of Bonfire Night has changed over the years from people buying fireworks and letting them off in their own back gardens to large organised firework displays that are attended by whole communities.  These can afford to be sophisticated displays, are much better value for money with associated sideshows and stalls, and are considerably safer.  Small children are still given sparklers to hold and enjoy, but there aren't quite so many fireworks being thrown around in the street, or children begging a 'penny for the guy' on street corners.  Firework displays will be found in all towns in all parts of Britain, but the biggest and best is held in Lewes in Sussex.  

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Lewes in East Sussex celebrates Bonfire Night like no other town in Britain.  An amazing must-see spectacle each year on the 5th of November between 6.30 and 8.30 pm., when the numerous bonfire societies of the town march through the streets in costume with flaming torches and burning barrels that they hurl to float down the river Ouse.  The 2 hours of drama, organised mayhem and the burning of effigies of 'nasties' like Guy Fawkes, Pope Paul V, Osama bin Laden, is usually watched by a crowd of about 60,000 which regularly  floods into this small Sussex town.  The entertainment goes on throughout the evening with revellers taking refreshment from the pubs and hot food stands before departing for one of the  final large bonfires at Cliffe or other parts of town.  

Because of the huge influx of visitors and spectators into the town, accommodation does tend to book up quite a way in advance.  You may wish to consider finding suitable self-catering accommodation in neighbouring towns, and combining the trip with walks on the Downs, and some early Christmas shopping.

Norwich in Norfolk

Norwich also offers a firework extravaganza.  A bonfire and firework display are held at the county exhibition site.  The display is accompanied by superb laser displays and music. A fun fair, snacks and amusements are also laid on.  

Norwich is also good city break, especially during November, with its excellent compact shopping centre, great variety of pubs and restaurants, and leisure pool with flumes and water fun.   Find self-catering holiday cottages close to Norwich using the Menus on the left.

The Lake District 

The World's Biggest Liar Competition is held annually in Cumbria during November.  Presented by Copeland Borough Council, contestants travel great distances to attempt to win the title.   Held at The Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge, it's an evening event with an entrance fee (and apparently an exit fee!).  All good liars and storytellers are eligible.  So, if you're the kind of person who can invent a good yarn, and tell it well, get your entry form now from Copeland Borough Council, and send it in.

Find self-catering accommodation for your trip to participate in the World's Biggest Liar Competition in Cumbria by using the menus on the left.

Cottages in the Lake District - Cumbria

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